Monday, March 19, 2007

Karen Johns Resume`

Karen E. Johns


Saint Ann Church - Women’s Guild Program Chairman
Bingo - Organizer, coordinator and volunteer
Cancer Society Phoenixville Chairman
Muscular Dystrophy Society Evansburg Chairman
Heart Fund Phoenixville Area Coordinator
Phoenixville Little League Chairman, Little League Field Lighting Fund
Team Mother
Chester County Office of Aging
Phoenixville Area Community Services
Coordinator - developed and implemented a volunteer program in conjunction with both offices to assist physically and/or mentally challenged senior citizens in Phoenixville with personal services
Phoenixville Historical Society Charter member - Membership Chairman


Phoenixville Parking Authority Secretary
Phoenixville Board of Housing Appeals
Phoenixville Democratic Committee Vice Chairman
Registration Chairman
Committee Chairman
Chester County Democratic Executive Committee
Phoenixville Borough Council Member
Assistant Secretary

Phoenixville Borough Council Committees - Finance - Member
Utilities - Chairman
Renaissance Committee - Member
Schuylkill Valley Health Promotion Council - Member
Pension Fund Committee - Member
Phoenixville Area Economic Development Corporation -
Member, Liaison
Phoenixville Area Business Association - Liaison
Regional Advisory Committee - Member
Streetscapes Committee - Member
Gay Street Bridge Reconstruction Committee - Member
Phoenixville Sesquicentennial Commission - Chairman
Phoenixville Annual 4th of July Concert and Fireworks - Producer
At the request of the Department of Defense, I was one of a 15 member national panelist review board of a DoD program to be instituted in the event of a chemical or biological attack on the United States.


Graduated PAHS - Business degree
Delaware Valley Community College - Speaking and writing courses
Life Office Management Association Institute - Insurance courses
The Saenger Organization - Licensing courses
Continuing education courses
Chester County Emergency Services - Course of instruction in weapons of mass destruction awareness


Licensed agent - Accident and Health
Life and Fixed Annuities


Alexander MacKenzie Award for highest production in the second largest field office for North American Life Assurance Company
Twice nominated and twice awarded Woman of the Year - The Phoenix newspaper
Citation and Merit Award - Chester County Board of Commissioners - 2000
Award of Merit - Phoenixville Area Chamber of Commerce - 2000
Resolution - Phoenixville Borough 1983, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006
Certificate of Appreciation - Greater Phoenixville Ambucs Organization
Certificate of Appreciation - Phoenixville Little League Organization
Grand Marshall - Phoenixville Jaycee Dogwood Parade
Golden Poet Award - World of Poetry
Service Award - Phoenixville Democratic Committee


Anonymous said...

Your resume speakes for itself. I hope that you regain your post on council and get this town back into shape. Those men are going to be shaking in there boots.

Good Luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Karen are you truly sure you are qualified to be on Phoenixville Borough Council? You do realize how much this job pays,,,,don't you?

Anonymous said...

I apploud you Karen,, Your resume
is outstanding, your fine skills and determined dedication, of many previous years of serving this community ,to keep this town whipped into shape, are nothing less than admirable...... Watching you at your post,with great pride and dignity,, left me to believe that in the future,. you will still uphold the same respect and mindfull ideas. I only hope for the best for you,in the up-coming May,17.2007 Election ...I raise my glass to you sis!!!
P.G. east pikeland

Karen said...

Thank you for your support, Poster 1:43 p.m.

Karen said...

Poster 2:31 p.m., you chided me on the phone, tongue-in-cheek, with the same statement, and I'm still laughing!


Karen said...

Thank you, P.G.

You've always been a very vocal and loyal supporter.