Monday, April 2, 2007

Yes! I DO Need Your Help - Here is How!

A timely question has prompted me to start another thread for those who are interested in helping on my campaign to become your East Ward Council Member!

Bitter Ed said...
Karen:I am really interested in helping out your campaign. Can you post how the people of Phoenixville can help get you back on Council.Ed
April 2, 2007 10:36:00 PM EDT


Karen said...

Thank you, again, Bitter Ed, for your question!

The May 15th Primary Election grows closer every day, and I have to wonder if the message of my candidacy is reaching the voters of the East Ward.

With only one small mention in the newspaper regarding the candidates for the upcoming election prior to The Phoenix newspaper's campaign write-ups, I knew I had to find other ways to reach out to the public.

Hence, the campaign blog.

And, I would like to acknowledge and thank those who have utilized this forum and shared my message with others.

Now, I need YOUR help!

If you are interested in helping me become the East Ward Council Member, please call me. Please be cautious in your posts to this thread, however, the responses should not contain any of your personal information.

I will be in need of volunteers both before and on Election Day, and if you can donate several hours of your time or even more, I would be utterly delighted and deeply appreciative!

I look forward to working with YOU on the campaign!

Thank you!

Karen said...

I want to publically thank those who of you telephoned, emailed me, or stopped by my home with offers to volunteer since this blog went online and since I posted this particular thread.

Thank you for efforts already made on my behalf and the work to come.

I am humbly and deeply appreciative.

CindyF said...

I will do all I can to help your campaign Karen. Phoenixville needs change. Plain and simple.

Karen said...

The best way to create change is for all of us to push in the same direction!

Thank you, again, Cindy, for your support!

Anonymous said...

Great job on this website! Karen has truly been a leader of Phoenixville and wants to be put back into action. She has done many great things for this borough and deserves the chance to do it again. Only great things come from persistance! For a ture leader vote for Karen Johns!

Karlub - PA RudyBlogger said...

I'd be happy to help, Karen. Living in the middle ward, though, I would be even more interested to learn what I can do there.

Feel free to contact me any time to get me more involved. Best way is to e-mail me via my web page, which should be hyperlinked with this post. I am unoffically the Pennsylvania blogger for the Giuliani campaign.

Karen said...

Thank you for your post, Karlub - PA RudyBlogger.

Look for an email from me!