Thursday, May 24, 2007

Messina: "MISTAKE"

I just spent the better part of 2 hours watching last night's Borough Council meeting.

After the logical and sometimes sad testimony regarding the trash hauling program and the rising costs of seniors who have lived in their homes for years, I was surprised to hear John Messina publically mention a critical word during his explaination of his vote.

"MISTAKE", he said.

Paraphrasing Mr. Messina, a mistake was made, because Council was not told of the need to bargain with our local union when the request for proposals was made.

Now that Council has been bought to a place where they are basically telling us they are apparently compelled to stay in the trash hauling business, I need to ask, exactly who's responsibility was/is it to provide those pieces of information so critical, so damning to a different outcome?

We pay top dollar for administrative services, and Council needs experienced advice with every single piece of information germane to the issue at hand in order to make an informed decision.

A "mistake" was made.

By whom?

In my opinion they should fire the person.

We, the taxpayers, just can't afford any more costly "mistakes".


Anonymous said...

Fire the person and the persons in the support roles. You have to think, would the ex-mayor of Reading with several years experience dealing with unions and municipal issues have "made a mistake". I would not buy anything Messina says. It was all a manipulation - but the mistake may have been his. This is the best chance ever to finally set things right. Johns, Buckwalter, Ciruelos, Handwerk - with decent Dave Gill and Kirkner without Messina's strings - that could be a team with some promise. Wagner would be getting heat from his old soon to be fair weather friends but even he might step up. Things could get better. Who could possibly vote for Messina given what he has wrought by playing god.

Anonymous said...

I personally believe we are seeing the last of Messina. There is no way he'll win another election in this town.

Anonymous said...

messina will win, unless the public and voters of phoenixville WAKE UP