Sunday, November 4, 2007

The disreputable and ignoble act of playing political games

Anonymous said...
I really would like to know why it is that so many of your signs have "flown away". Do candidates and their volunteers know how small that is and how much time and money go into that? I keep seeing more and more Speck signs but less and less Johns signs.Also what is the deal with the Speck postcard and the picture with Congressman Sestack?
November 4, 2007 9:38:00 AM EST


Karen said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for your questions and comments.

I've noticed some of my signs missing or taken down from various areas, too, even including the removal of one from in front of my Mother's home.

We were able to afford 50 of my campaign signs, and there is no reserve to replace those which have "flown away".

Although this type of political game is mildly annoying, it doesn't compare to some of the past attempts to intimidate or dishearten me.

In years past, my family and I have had an attempt to set our garage on fire, found filthy language written with a marker on the children's riding toys, found a huge rock in our yard which had been thrown at our home, and an unpleasant message delivered by a boquet of dead flowers laid in the curb in front of our home.

Despite the above, my strong voice for the people of Phoenixville continued during my term as Council member and afterwards because I don't and won't play political games.

By this time, Anonymous, most people have already decided for whom they will vote on Tuesday.

The number of campaign signs doesn't matter in the long run. One's experience, reputation, integrity, truthfulness, and honesty are the character traits on which voters should make their decision.

With regards to the postcard of my opponent with Congressman Sestack, he is the Congressman for the East Ward. Due to the manner of the redistricting, Sestack's district runs into Phoenixville only in this ward.

Perhaps the very fact that I won't play political games on Council is the reason why some will do most anything to keep me from returning to the East Ward Council seat.

Thank you, again, Anonymous, for your post, and please consider voting for me on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Since Congressman Sestak endorsed Speck, he got my vote now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Your going to vote for Speck because of a picture on a flyer? An educated voter I suspect then you get what you deserve!

Anonymous said...

Karen,you misspelled the Admiral's name-it is Sestak. I think Speck knows the admiral from the past election. Veterans tend to stick together.I saw Sestak and Speck at the Kiwanis community day in October talking to the crowd.
Thank you-A VETERAN for Speck.

Karen said...

My apologies to Congressman Sestak. I took the spelling of his name from Anonymous, the first poster. Unfortunately, the format of this website does not allow me to alter the comments so I cannot correct the spelling.

Yes, I'm sure Mr. Speck worked for the Congressman's campaign, and the loyalty between veterans is remarkable. I saw many examples of that admirable loyalty with my Father and his Army friends from both WWII and the Korean War.

Thank you, A Veteran, for your service to our country.

God Bless you!

Ed Naratil said...

Just to let you know - not all the veterans are for Speck. I served 4 years in the U.S. Navy in Korean waters during the 'war'/'peace action'/'conflict' or whatever you care to call it.

And THIS veteran will vote for one who can and will make a difference on Borough Council - KAREN JOHNS!

Karen said...

Ed Naratil, I want to thank you for taking a public stance on my candidacy.

I believe you may be the only poster to my website who has identified himself!

Your courage here, required much bravery, exceeded only by what you must have endured for our Country during that horrible conflict in Korea.

Thank you for your support and your vote.

Thank you, Ed, for your honorable service to our Country!

God Bless you!