Thursday, November 8, 2007

What shall I do....

....with this website?

After all, it was designed to be my way of communicating with you during my campaign.

Let me know what you think.

I will wait a few days before I make a decision.

Thank you, everyone, for all your support during and after the election!


Ed Naratil said...

I think you should continue the blog with information on what is happening in council and in town generally with your views.

There are a couple of other bloggers doing this and I'm sure your input on various situations, whether agreeing with the others or not, will provide additional insight.

Anonymous said...

Since there is no charge to run a Google "Blogger" blog, if you are willing to keep the site open (even with comments disabled or requiring commentors to register) I think it would be a very good thing to for you to keep your neighbors, friends and supporters posted with your ideas.
Very near and dear to you are plans for changes to the library and the Reeves park area. It would be good for everyone to hear a voice of reason and caring as this plan evolves.
That is just one issue. You have said many things worthy of consideration and inspiring to others.
Please keep the blog and let us know what you are thinking from time to time. Keep us and the new council honest and on our toes.

Anonymous said...

Keep the blog, Karen.
You can change the face of the blog away from the campaign look.
Please don't self destruct into the tone of constant negativity as in a few other Phoenixville blogs (ex: CCP). What a drag they are to read. Lots of good things are going on in this town. Find and post!

Anonymous said...

dearest karen,

please for the good of phoenixville keep this website open, so that the good people in phoenixville have a forum to talk with a sane, rational and wise voice,,on how the public good of phoenixville can be achieved.

obviously at this point you have no agenda other than the public interest. the public needs to have someone of your caliber representing them, even if it only through this blog as you will not be on council