Friday, December 7, 2007

Who will be the new Council President come January?

If you don't know who the choices are, wow, where do YOU live? ;)

Richard Kirkner is my choice.

Rich has the most experience working for the Borough. He has the longest combined tenure on Council, and although I don't agree with many decisions or statements Rich has made in the past, the bottom line is that he does have a conscience, and he does represent his constituency and others to the best of his ability.

He is willing to listen to different view points, he was mentored in his Council position by good and trustworthy former Council members and others, he learned how to be a Council member in the correct way, and his loyalty in his decisions on Council is to the best decision for the people of Phoenixville, not to colleagues, staff members, or interest groups.

He IS a good man.

Here's your opportunity.

Who is best qualified to be Council President?


Anonymous said...

Best qualified: Buckwalter. As you may recall, he has participated and received certification as an elected borough representative. But, he did pay for that training and certification out of his own pocket, and he is qualified - so he already violates 2 of our primary codes in choosing leaders.
Some would say other members of council are certifiable.
Kirkner does has some valuable experience in leading a search committee for a legitimate borough manager a few years back. On the other hand, Kirkner has repeatedly stood behind the current illegitimate occupant of the broken chair at Hall street.
So Kirkner - if he renounces ala Kerry the mistake he made in supporting an incompetent. Wagner - if he wants it. His point of reference always seems to be to professionalism, and boy could we use that! Cireulos - someone who is truly fair. But - why not give it to Handwerk - someone totally fresh but totally honest and a really hard worker. So he's young and inexperienced. Look at what Obama has done. BTW - Has he done anything?

Anonymous said...

Having just seen the meeting of December 6, you would have to want it to be Wagner. Kirkner continues to be an apologist for the situation he voted for and Karen Johns said would be a big mistake - the purely political appointment of the grossly incompetent borough manager.

Karen said...

Buckwalter IS qualified, no doubt about that fact. However, having been on Council I know how to "count the horses" as votes would go for the presidency.

Ken is one of only two Republicans and the odds are slim to none for him to assume the seat.

The above methodolgy, rationale, and philosophical assumptions apply to the other Council members mentioned as well.

Karen said...

As it is, has and always will be, I can truthfully say I do not watch Council meetings unless I am directed to an exact event with an exact time to watch that portion of the tape.

Anonymous 5:35, could you please give more details?

I stand behind what I said, poster, and I believe the original article (2000-01?) from the Phoenix was posted to another blog.

Thanks for the input.

blogwalter said...

I would like to add a clarification to December 7, 2007 9:01:00 PM EST. The training for Certified Borough Official, CBO, through the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs, was paid for by Phoenixville Borough.

What was “paid” for by me was my time which consisted of personal time off from work, vacation time, and weekend time. Various seminars were offered by PSAB, which consisted of 66 hours of training throughout the Commonwealth and took four years to complete.

For more information go to:

blogwalter said...

Karen is right about “count the horses” but a R president did happen during a D majority; Lou Amici. I would like to be considered for VP and D’s voting for such would help to show “party” shouldn’t be on the floor of council, only at the polls during election time.

Karen said...

For those reading this blog, Council members and the public, I need to repeat a point Ken has made which has always been a part of my advice to colleagues.

Leave politics and political parties at the door of Council chamber.

Politics and political persuasions have no business in those rooms when the public is being served.

No one can serve two masters and govern effectively.

That being said, Lou Amici's successful administration was based (on my part, at least) on trust, fairness, and most of all, mutual respect.

Never once did I see Lou address anyone, member or public, with a condesending attitude or with disrespect.

Lou was accessible to everyone, at any time of day or night. He granted this access with the full understanding of his role as a public servant. Not everyone agreed with him all the time, but we all knew his deep considerations of a situation were reached without any personal bias.

One other point I have to make with regards to Lou's tenure as Council President. At the time on Council, there was also an obvious understanding and respect for experience. Lou had the seniority and ability to lead. Sadly, in a subsequent Council, strong personalities, conflicting personal agendas, and yes, envy of the achievements of an obvious candidate for president resulted in a novice assuming that seat.

This I know from personal experience.

I also know many would be completely disgusted at remarks during a meeting to decide an incoming president.

Ken, you do deserve the Vice-president's seat.

Not only because you went through the training and your experience, but also because I believe you are cut from the same cloth as Lou Amici.

Good luck, my friend.

Karen said...


My comment:

The above methodolgy, rationale, and philosophical assumptions apply to the other Council members mentioned as well.

December 8, 2007 7:53:00 PM EST


The exceptions, of course, to the poster 9:01 p.m. list are Kirkner and Wagner.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the poll. The most important thing is to bring balance, accountability and transparency to the way this borough is run. The highest priority should be the search for a new borough manager. Kirkner has been a supporter of this travesty. Ciruelos is too soft hearted to take the needed steps to clean house. Wagner - if he has not been play acting which is always a possibility - is what we need to correct the big mistake he and the others made when they put their block above the wider community..