Friday, January 25, 2008

Alternatives to swallowing Limerick's bitter pill?

So many questions, so little time.

As another poster mentioned on another thread, Limerick residents are given 30 days in which to file an appeal to the zoning change which passed unanimously last night.

That is one possible avenue to change those ordinances.

However, an attorney could answer the question as to whether any other alternatives are available to the public on this issue.

Could the township be sued under another case law?

Could a campaign for a ballot referrendum be mounted?

A referrendum would place the question as to whether the PEOPLE of Limerick township want a zoning change and/or an incinerator of any type built in the township. Every voter in Limerick township would then have the ability to vote the question(s) up or down. It is hard work gathering signatures on a petition, but by the reaction of the public last night I suspect there would be plenty of volunteers.

This situation is far too grave for the residents of Limerick and all the residents of the surrounding area to just swallow and do nothing.

Any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

You need to check the MPC that they followed procedure. Was the affected zoning district posted? Was the zoning change advertised? Was the change submitted to the county for review? Was the change sent to adjacent communities? The attorney was also mistaken about every use they already have a power plant.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of Exelon and Public Utilities pay Real Estate Taxes? I've heard that they don't.

How can this be confirmed? Was it discussed at the meeting in Limerick?

Resident of East Vincent Township

ccoev said...

CCOEV has a copy of the curative amendment to the zoning ordinance on it. Limerick residents should ask their supervisors to put a copy of the Zoning Ordinance on its website along with this curative amendment.

Anonymous said...

I understand it would be illegal for the supervisors to receive some kind of kick back for allowing a company to place a power plant in Limerick Township. However, I can think of no other reasonable answer as to why they have gone ahead with the rezoning. My thought is, would it be possible to find out if this is the case? There must be a paper trail somewhere. Could they be kicked out of office (or worse) if this is found to be true?

Anonymous said...

How about be long-term economic benefit analysis ---say 10 years out ---that takes in all the impacts (including the reduction of surrounding land values and degradation of the air, water and land) of these power plant proposals compared to other viable uses once the Publicker site is cleaned up?

The Board is thinking short term gain on this one. Maybe we need to convince them on economic terms as well as look into filing a legal appeal.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that channel 10 news is very thorough when investigating stories like this. Has anyone considered contacting them?