Thursday, January 24, 2008

Limerick's zoning change hearing is still a critical issue to defeat!

Received in email:

Zoning Hearing in Limerick Township

January 24, 2008 at 7 PM

Limerick Township Building, 646 West Ridge Pike

Limerick Township will still be holding the hearing tonight on its proposed zoning change! If the zoning is changed tonight any power plant, including the Trash to Ethanol Plant, will have easy access to the Publicker site where this plant is being proposed. The two clauses being removed from The HI district leave no restrictions on public or private plants at the Publicker site which will remain in the HI district.

In addition, the creation of the new HI/E district, within the current HI district, and surrounding the nuclear plant has removed the original condition requiring a power plant to be within one mile of the nuclear plant and has removed the whole clause concerning Community Impacts.

The petition requests the Supervisors to wait until they have thoroughly studied the health and safety issues involved with this plan and to definitely wait for the results of an Environmental Impact study before changing the ordinance.

Please come this evening with your comments, and sign the petition requesting further study of the reasons for and the consequences of this ordinance change.

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