Monday, February 25, 2008

As the Worm Squirms - The Dramatic (continuing) Political Soap Opera in Phoenixville

From today's online Phoenix newspaper blog:

The Phoenix Files

Monday, February 25, 2008


Planning Commission member George Martynick will not voluntarily resign his seat, as requested by Council President Henry Wagner (D-Middle).

In an e-mail message sent late Sunday evening, Martynick stated simply, “I respectfully decline your request to resign from my recent reappointment to the Phoenixville Planning Commission.”

Martynick’s reappointment to his expiring term was made by Borough Council on January 15. But Wagner had requested his resignation last Wednesday, to complement the resignation of former Council President John Messina.

Messina had been appointed to the Commission slot now held by Michael Hott but expiring, like Martynick’s, in March. The resignations were to pave the way for Borough Council to interview all current applicants for the two Commission seats. Interviews originally had been planned by Council but were scuttled on the procedural motion by Richard Mark Kirkner (D-North) that led to the selection of Messina on February 12.

“I ask you to consider voluntarily submitting your resignation from your recent appointment to the Phoenixville Planning Commission,” Wagner wrote to Martynick, “in order to allow for interviews of all interested citizens of Phoenixville to take place.

A return to interviews with Messina, Hott and paralegal Michelle Beaver was suggested first by Messina, who had been faced with immediate outcry over his own appointment without interviews. He argued that interviewing for not just his own but both expiring March seats “would be the only fair way” to approach the issue. Martynick’s Sunday evening response to Wagner was made just prior to Council’s monthly Committees session, beginning at 7:00 p.m. tonight in its chambers, when Council will determine its next steps in the affair.

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Karen said...

George Martynick's refusal to resign his Planning Commission seat shows a greater understanding of the law surounding appointments than does Council President Wagner.

Once appointed removal can only be accomplished by misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance, and other infractions. Additionally, a hearing must be held.

What was Wagner's reasoning in requesting Martynick's resignation?

Could it have been to validate Messina's resignation?

Could Wagner have thought that the additional resignation would somehow correct the impulsive appointment of Messina?

Messina was appointed to the PC on a yes vote by Ciruleos, Gill, Handwerk, Kirkner, and Wagner prior to scheduled interviews of all candidates.

Following that foible, Wagner requests the resignation of Martynick appointed several weeks earlier?

There is no association between the appointments! Period.

Publically, we are now viewing an attempt to force two wrongs make a right.


Has Wagner set the stage for yet another lawsuit for the Borough?

Has Council learned anything from the appointment of the former Borough Manager?

Have we seen enough of the "leadership" and "commonsense" of the Council President?

Is it already time for Wagner to resign?