Friday, February 15, 2008

My humble opinion

By virtue of the 5-1-1 vote on Tuesday evening, the public is informed of Council's intent to return John Messina to an appointed position in the borough.

In my humble opinion, the suggestion to conduct interviews of the other applicants after the fact is supercilious, flawed, illogical, and totally useless.

Reviewing this quote Messina from the Phoenix, “This is no way to start building a team [on the commission],” he said. “If there is so much opposition, council should go to interviews.”, I have a suggestion of my own.

Given the fact that Messina's own application for the position included what I consider seemingly egregious remarks regarding the Planning Commission (see, the controversy raised by the John MacPhee affidavit, along with the public criticsim of Council's decision, the truly concerned Messina should remove his application and decline the appointment.

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