Monday, February 18, 2008

Some things I simply cannot or won't do

For example, I won't eat red beets. I love pickled eggs, though! My gag reflex kicks in just thinking about eating one of those little dark maroon balls. Lima beans on a plate do not cause as much of a reaction, but I don't like them and cannot eat them. Any other veggie is fair game.

As to the reason for this thread, I cannot and won't compromise my own ethical standards. I'm the one who has to sleep in my body at night. After my daily rosary and prayers I want to know I'm right with God, my family, and my fellow man.

Therefore...after almost a year of blogging I must tell the readers of this little gateway to my, your, our perspective on life in Phoenixville that there are some posts sent to my blog that I simply cannot and won't post.

Other blog owners will completely understand, I'm sure, what I'm about to reveal to those who don't.

I've become a confessor figure of sorts, a recipient of confidences, of rumors, and of often repeated stories which circulate from long ago times to the present. A few posts are downright nasty to people living among us. Others I have found intriguing, interesting, and there are those that are funny as heck but still set my internal alarm bell clanging.

I can't post them.

I simply cannot and won't allow someone to deliberately and intentionally hurt another soul just because I have a blog and could.

Since I have no way of contacting anonymous posters who have sent items which have never been published, I've finally decided to reach you in this manner. You know who you are.

If you haven't seen your post, at the very least, please respect and understand the reasoning behind my practice.

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