Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who's brainy idea was it, and why?

I'm miffed.

I'm miffed every four years when the presidential election rolls around.

By the time Pennsylvania holds it's Primary Election on April 22, 2008, my vote and your vote will not influence national thinking on which candidate to elect.

It's "Super Tuesday", and the field of candidates has already been whittled down.

As a Democrat, suppose I wanted to vote for John Edwards, or Senator Biden? I'm SOL.

I have some Republican friends who are disgusted they can't show their support by voting for Rudy Guiliani or Fred Thompson.

By the results of this day's voting, and the upcoming elections in the delegate rich, large states of Texas and Ohio on March 4th, a few more candidates may drop out of the race, narrowing our choices even further.

The two primary reasons I am piqued about Pennsylvania's Primary position every four years is due to an personal issue of control over the situation, and trust. I want to actually have a real vote in determining who the next President of our country will be, and I don't really trust those lucky, early voters in other states to make that determination for me.

I don't know who's brainy idea it was to stagger the state's elections but maybe it's time to examine a national primary or move Pennsylvania's primary to an earlier date.



blogwalter said...

One reason to consider not moving up the primary date is PA's higher senior population. Given a February primary, ice and snow could be a deterrent in getting voters out.

Yeah, I know, I am writing this in early February and it is to reach the mid 60's today. Benefits of global warming?

Karen said...

Hmmm, good point, Blogwalter, but believe it or not, 34 states hold their primaries by Super Tuesday, February 05.

I've heard the lame excuse that the media influences the the positioning of state primaries becuase they have limited resources and wouldn't have the ability to give comprehensive reports on more simlutaneous campaigns than are currently scheduled.


They cover the Presidential General election quite well.

Another argument comes out of concern for the candidates and their entourage who criss-cross the US delivering their message.

Bah. What gets done, gets done.

Having a national primary would simplify the process and our lives. We have to live with the continuous reporting on the campaigns and suffer commericals until November...sigh.

Global warming or another glitch in the matrix, today's temps are what my Grandmother called flu weather, Blogwalter.

I always wondered if it was called that because sick people would venture outdoors and infect those who are well or if the virus and bacteria responsible just like to party and multiply during these warm spells....mysteries, mysteries.

Ed Jones said...

I wanted to vote for Ron Paul. Guess I'll have to write it in.

Perhaps we could have a voter's revolt. Go to the polls and vote for your local and state offices.

Then leave the boxes for President blank. Don't vote for anyone since they'll have already been chosen by the other states.

Perhaps that'll wake up Harrisburg.

Jeff Senley said...

They don't do this staggered schedule in November. Why do it now?

Karen said...

I recieved this site on the idea of a national primary via email, and even though it looks a little dated and may not be current it may answer some questions. Or, as these things often do, raise a whole host of other questions.


Karen said...

Hi, Jeff!

Money comes to mind.

It's absolutely gagging to think of the amount of money spent on campaigns when they're spread out over the course of a year or more.

Imagine the good that kind of money could do if it went to social organizations in each state instead.

Karen said...

Ed Jones, you may have a good idea there.

I kinda like the direct approach, like calling the state committee members and state reps to place this late primary issue up for discussion.

Although there are some reports that PA may still play a pivitol role in the presidential campaigns, it's already too late to have OUR say on quite a number of candidates from both parties.


Anonymous said...

I thought the reason the primary stayed in April was because the school districts who have to have their budgets approved by the voters would have had to move up their budget process and balked.

I think a national primary for presidential elections is the way to go -- everyone gets to vote for everyone.

Karen said...

I can't answer to that theory, Anonymous 9:20 a.m., but it's yet another plausible theory.

Voting for everyone certainly isn't the case in staggered elections, and in fact, the news about Mitt Romney suspending his campaign is now confirmed.

$50,000,000 of his own personal money was spent on this process. What an incredible waste of money. Who among us could ever dream of running for high political office when one must be able to buy the seat?