Monday, March 10, 2008

Alternatives to the current Library expansion plan

This thread is for posting ideas on an alternative to the Library's current concept plan.

I submit the following possibilities which have appeared in other posts on this subject:

1) Build a satellite library for all other departments and programs. The children's library, for example, could be used as the anchor in the original building with shared useage and costs by another entity;

2) Remove the taco bell-like extension and build a three story addition running east/west and behind the existing building on the currently owned library property;

3) Consider contacting the owner of the apartment building to the north regarding acquistion. Expand the library in that direction;

With the exception of a new campus location, none of the above suggestions address the parking problems associated with expansion.

Please post your suggestions!


Ed Naratil said...

I see by my latest County Tax bill that 0.19 mils of my assessment is earmarked for the County Library System.

Perhaps the County Government should have a say in the local library's plans?

In any case, since I'm against the plan as it now stands could I possibly decide to have that .19 mils directed to some other County plan such as Open Space?

Have the powers-that-be considered the other possible solutions to expansion that you, I, and others have offered? And if so - have they made their objections public?

I've got more questions (some facetiously) than answers.

Karen said...

This comment was posted to another thread and deserves to be read in this one as well.

Thank you, Anonymous 1:35 p.m.!

This is exactly the type of pro-active commentary the issue deserves!

Karen said...

Hi, Ed!

I'm sorry I don't know the answers to your questions regarding the County.

Unfortunately, Ed, I haven't heard anything about solutions from the library's board. At the meeting they just listened to the public's remarks/concerns and offered no resolutions.

Please, continue with your questions and ideas.

Thank you, Ed!

g wilk said...

Remove the taco bell addition, then, wrap a multi-story addition around the entire building. This has been done with many old buildings, and perhaps best known is Frank Gehry's "house within a house". Call it a "library within a library". Use a lot of glass if you want to see the old structure through the new. No need to intrude onto the public road, or seize private property. It is all accomplished on the current library property, which, if I remember, is a fair amount of land. A creative architect could work within those parameters.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of expanding in the direction of the apartment building, at the right price for the owner, of course. Is there a way to provide parking spaces in the back of said apartment building? If the Taco Bell entrance goes, surely there can be parking there as well.

Anonymous said...

Why not take over the alley (Park Ave?) instead of Second Avenue? Buy the house next to the alley if the space is needed, then the library expands east. The street stays the same and the alley is still usable for the houses -- it just prevents people from using it on Second Avenue which has been a blind intersection anyway.

Karen said...

I received the following comment via telephone today:

"The Franklin Commons will house satellite facilities for several colleges.

Why not consider expansion of the library to the Franklin Commons?"

Anonymous said...

Are there actually any colleges operating in the Franklin Commons yet? The website states that they are hoping to have classes starting in fall of 2007 -

I don't think this has happened yet.

I do like the outside of the box thinking though. How about just putting the library inside of the Foundry building? It doesn't appear that it will ever be used for anything else.

Anonymous said...

the foundry is owned by the Hankin Group and will be open in November of 2008.

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