Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Life in Phoenixvile - One year anniversary!

My "Life in Phoenixville blog" celebrates it's one year anniversary today, and while there will be no cake and ice cream or champagne toasts, I will pause a few minutes and share some thoughts on the past year.

This blog entered the world of cyberspace as a dialogue with Phoenixville residents on my campaign for a Council seat and has evolved into a continuing discourse on a wide variety of topics and issues.

Even after a year, I still don't know what the blog will be when it "grows up"! I sense it may drift between the never-ending drama of local politics to regional issues and national events sprinkled with the confetti of personal subjects. Perhaps not much more than what I have already offered and I am just as curious to what the next year will bring as are some of my faithful readers!

The question of the evolution of blogs came to mind after this year of blogging, and in my search for the very first blog on the internet, I found interesting information at Wikipedia:

Beginning with newsgroups and online diaries, the advancement of the technology of web hosting services, the evolution of blog software and tools, created an entree to a new form of communication, termed "blog" on the internet. A new twist on the "backyard fence" over which we share items of interest. One can only imagine the future of this medium.

Coincidental to this anniversary, I received a telephone call from Phoenix reporter, Skip Lawrence last week. Skip has invited me, along with veteran Councilman and blogger, Ken Buckwalter, and newly-seated Councilman and fellow blogger, Jeff Senley, to engage in a pod-cast, a round-table discussion on blogs tonight. It should be fun! I will certainly post the address to the pod-cast once it becomes available.

To the many readers of my blog, I wish to acknowledge your interest, your input, your suggestions, and your encouragement.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Gee, Karen, I know it's Holy Week, but cake and ice cream are always a good idea -- even if you have to hold the party a week late! ;-)

Congratulations on your one year anniversary and keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

BRAVO and Congratulations to all the Phoenixville Bloggers!

Democracy is a full participatory sport, and you are all to be commended!

Thanks for all the help and advice with setting up my own first blog at:

Truly amazing how easy it is to start blogging, hopefully others will follow your lead.

Yours in the Ideals of Democracy,

Chris DeVol
East Vincent Township

Karen said...

Here is the address to links from the Phoenix's Skip Lawrence pod-cast on blogging in Phoenixville.

"Skip holds a roundtable discussion with the Bloggers of Phoenixville: Kendrick Buckwalter, Karen Johns and Jeff Senley"

Thanks, again, Skip!

It was fun!