Friday, March 14, 2008

Phoenixville Foundry scheduled to open December 2008

Readers may have noticed the Phoenixville Foundry's website in the links section on this blog.

The website, which is still under construction, offers the following information as an introduction to the facility.

"Listed in the National Register and newly renovated, Phoenixville Foundry is the newest and largest special event space in Chester County with 18,000 square feet of flexible event space. The Foundry can accomodate events of every size, budget and taste.

Once the site of the Phoenix Iron and Steel Company, Phoenixville Foundry is a unique blend of Richardson-Romanesque-style industrial charm and interior modern amenities that will add an elegant sophistication to every occasion.

The Foundry includes sweeping open spaces, intimate private entrances, a private hospitality suite and a full special event kitchen behind the scenes."

The sophistication of the various space within the facility and it's conveniences are detailed for the anticipated corporate events and weddings. In preparation for the opening in December, the 2008 rate schedule is also available along with other information.

The 2008 rental fees will range from $500 for Sunday and weekday events in the Heritage Center to Saturday peak season rates of $6,000 for the Cupola Ballroom and Mezzanine.

Early congratuations and best wishes to the success of the Phoenixville Foundry!

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Karen said...


The Foundry website is still under construction.

New rates have been posted.

For a facility wide event on a Saturday evening the cost is currently $9,000.