Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BREAKING - What happened at midnight?

All early-rising or night owl residents were startled this morning as they gazed through an almost blinding beam of light directly on the Borough of Phoenixville.

Puffy clouds hid the exact location of the light which seemed to be emanating from an unknown source. The beam of light was described by some onlookers as being dense, impenatrable by the human eye.

Reality seemed suspended as the light diffused and quickly dispersed in less than one minute's time, according to newcomer Amia Jok.

Indicating with her left hand, she pointed to the former Phoenix Steel site.

Looking towards the Iron Company from the vantage point of the low bridge, a large, round impression was clearly visible in wreckage of trampled bushes and young trees, while mist-like vapors were seen rising from the same area.

Fearing an onslaught of curiosity seekers, the HazeMat personnel were seen unrolling yellow caution tape in an attempt to secure the area.

Only emergency vehicles were permitted beyond Gay and Bridge Streets for the duration of the event and the subsequent investigation.

Of interest to the gathering public at the early morning hour was the receeding but eerie sound which baffled professionals and many of the Phoenixville residents.

Last checks of the site were made prior to the departure of all personnel, but after reassurance to the remaining bystanders of no imminent danger to the residents, the site remains closed to the public.

Some local pundits on the scene claimed to have sighted a ufo in the beam of light, and pronouced the sound they heard as the Twilight Zone theme song. I can't verify those remarks. I just report a jape of the day.


Anonymous said...

It's became April Fool's Day, that's what happened at midnight. Nice try Mom, you didn't get me this year....

Karen said...

You got the April Fool's Day correct, but you haven't mentioned two other hidden jokes... :)

Dolores Haze said...

Sweet sense of humor. Happy April Fool's Day. I am new to town and very glad to be here!

Karen said...

Thank you for chosing Phoenixville as your home, Delores!

A big welcome to you!

Karen said...

Ok, CB, it's the end of the day. Explanations for you. :)

It IS a sham. Never happened.

Amia Jok is just a little clue. Am I a joke?

HazeMat, in reality, is HazMat.

Jape is a joke.

And, if you look at the first letter of each paragraph it spells April Fools.

Anonymous said...

And here I thought Bruce Moore was back in town again.

P .G . East P.land said...

Very Funny , Ha ,Ha ! I knew it was An April Fools Jape ,Before I even Started reading the e-mail, just wish I was up at midnite to Get ur car posted with one of my orange ( NO Parking Zone Stickers )