Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Like a bad penny"...

...the issue of the Parking Authority will "turn up", again.

Discovering the ordinance and articles of incorporation were not advertised in the Phoenix, Phoenixville Borough Council was unable to vote on the proposal for a Parking Authority.

A continued Council meeting scheduled for April 28 will be the date for Council consideration and vote.

With the majority of public sentiment against the authority, along with proof that the project is fiscally unsustainable as presented by Councilman Jeff Senley, one would think that logic will prevail on Council.

Not one to leave all my pennies (err, eggs?) in one basket, I think I'm going to "bend a penny" in the hope that the good luck it's supposed to bring will be in the manner of the defeat of the Parking Authority.

In this time of nation-wide and possibly world-wide recession, it would behoove Council to be penny-wise.

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