Wednesday, April 9, 2008

There ARE angels among us!

Bright and early this morning, an army of angels decended on the borough of Phoenixville and did they clean up!

As a service to the community, the students of the Valley Forge Christian College worked throughout the day in various neighborhoods and parks.

They literally swept through town with rakes in hand and with seemingly hundreds of trash bags at their disposal for the leftover leaves, twigs, and other debris.

Upon my return home after several hours away, Reeves Park was transformed and cleared of fall and winter's remnants.

Two young women I had the chance to speak with were from New Hampshire and beamed delightedly when I thanked them for their work. Several other groups of volunteers I passed waved in return to my thumbs up and they all shared the same big smile.

I can't say if it was just the sun's glare or not, but actually think I saw wings on them!


They're all angels.

Thank you, Valley Forge Christian College!


Blogwalter said...

I too say thank you, Valley Forge Christian College! A community service well done!

Anonymous said...

Driving home from work tonight I noticed the many bags on the curbs and thought the streets looked extra nice. It was a nice change from the Grays Ferry Ave area I shuttled though this morning, filled with debris-gray and depressing.
Its good to be home.
Thank you VFCC!

Solofloyd said...

Awesome job by the VFCC students. They planted trees in neighborhood and cleaned up at Morris Park. Unfortunately they were all finished by the time I got home from work so I couldn't thank them in person. I did thank them on the Phoenixville Environmental Volunteerism Blog -

Thanks VFCC!!

Anonymous said...

They did a wonderful thing and a great job, you guys rule!

Anonymous said...

It is ashame that outsiders have to clean up a town that they do not live in or attend school in. People should take pride in their own town and not count on others to do it for them. Some people take this oppertunity as a free remove my trahs day. Just look around the North Side of the High bridge on any given day

Great Job well done VFCC!!