Friday, May 30, 2008

$4.00 per gallon gas comes to Phoenixville

You may have noticed a recent addition to my blog.

For your convenience I've added 6 ABC's lowest gas prices link on the right column of this blog.

By submitting your zip code, the site will present the lowest prices for gasoline in the area.

The highest, $4.09.9, is the current price at Whitehorse and Nutt Road.


Ed Naratil said...

Since there is no shortage of gas and oil, the law of "supply and demand" does not seem to apply here.

What does apply is the greediness of oil company executives. Charge whatever you can get away with, beef up the earnings, increase pay and/or perks for themselves, and dividends for the stockholders.

No need to build more oil storage tanks or refineries with up-to-date facilities. Doing this would lower their operating costs in the long run, but their attitude seems to be, "why worry. No one is forcing us to hold the prices down." It's stay with the status quo.

The top sources of US crude oil imports for March 2008 were Canada (1.795 million barrels per day), Saudi Arabia (1.535 million barrels per day), Mexico (1.232 million barrels per day), Nigeria (1.154 million barrels per day), and Venezuela (0.858 million barrels per day).

Anonymous said...

The gas stations on Nutt Rd. are always 10 cents or more higher than other stations. The only time I buy there is if I am running on fumes and I can't get to a normally priced station.

Anonymous said...

I used to get my gas at Whitehorse and Nutt Rd every week. When gas rose through $2/gal I started to take a look around. This particular spot was always ahead of the pack, charging more than anyone else in the area. Another spot at Main and Nutt tried to keep pace with them for a long while.
I haven't been to either place in months-if not years because of this observation. I'll drive to Spring City first. I think we need to support those places who support us and stop spending our hard earned money in places that exploit us.

Anonymous said...

The Getty station on Nutt and Starr is always lower than their neighbors- and they pump your gas!
I purposely drive past the other two to patronize this small business.

Jeff Senley said...

And with these prices hitting everyone without any immediate relief in sight...

It appears your Council will be ratifying a $5,000 hit to our tax surplus at the upcoming June 10th business meeting for the purpose of transporting a ferris wheel in from New Jersey.


By the way, the Lukoil station on 113 across from the Wawa seems to have the best prices around, usually less than the Nutt Rd. stations. The people who operate the station are also quite nice.

Anonymous said...

Lukoil on 113 is still on the high side, though less than the two on Nutt Rd. Drive up to WAWA or Sunoco in Spring City or WAWA in Royersford for the best deals. I've been pricing all of these places for a few years now. The prices have been consistenly higher or lower than their counterparts in the places mentioned. Sheetz near Shady Maple is lower than here, though that means a trip to the market for Amish goodies must be included in the package!

Anonymous said...

"...It appears your Council will be ratifying a $5,000 hit to our tax surplus at the upcoming June 10th business meeting for the purpose of transporting a ferris wheel in from New Jersey..."

And STILL no place to park, LOLOL! Priorities, you know.