Friday, June 13, 2008

Phoenixville Planning Commission to hear library expansion plans

I just received an email informing me of the following notice posted to the Phoenixville Library website.

"The Phoenixville Public Library Foundation has a scheduled public meeting with the
Phoenixville Planning Commission on Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 7:00PM at Borough Hall to discuss the proposed Library expansion."

For history on this plan to close Second Avenue to through traffic please see the other threads on this blog.

I believe it is critical for anyone interested in the proposal by the library board to attend this meeting.

To date I have not received any responses to the questions asked at the last meeting, i.e., a proposal for relief for the currently existing traffic congestion and horrendous parking problems, the design of the back of the building, the possiblity of emminent domain of a neighbor's side yard, as well as other issues which would affect not only our neighborhood, but the entire area for several blocks in each direction surrounding the library.

I am also unaware of any alternative plans as have been suggested to those shown to the public at the meeting with residents.

Please make plans to attend this very important meeting.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if they are going to allow public comment at the meeting?

Karen said...

Using my past experience with the Planning Commission as a guide, the public has always had the opportunity to speak at the meetings on the plan being presented.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to listen to the discussion of any 'good' plan.

Unfortunately the two plans that have been proposed so far stink. Cutting off the East end of 2nd Avenue is among the other great ideas in Phoenixville:

Plans for the Iron Company grounds;
Building a school next to a super-fund site;
Buying and installing a Ferris Wheel (that's not even complete);
Moving the Val-Rio Diner to Nutt & Starr;
Turning the Fountain Inn into a Starbucks;

And many other ideas in the past. Those are just the latest ones.

Any wonder why when asked where you're from and you reply "Phoenixville" you get laughed at?