Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot! 4th of July in Phoenixville!

4th of July in Phoenixville!!

7:30 Headline – Craig Newell presents an evening with Elvis

Phoenixville Federal First Friday

Fireworks around 9:45

Bands start at 2:00PM

2:00 Alexandra Day – band

3:00 Telleri Band

4:00 Michael Packer Blues Band

6:00PM – 8:00PM Local Acts

Black Rock – band

The Machine Stops – band

Dave Fiorenza and Wayne Dowling – duo

Cindy Arena and Wes – duo

Dirk Quinn – singer songwriter

David Bolles – singer songwriter

Pokie-Poke the Jongleaur – balloon hats, magic


From the Phoenixville Summer Street Music Series!

Phoenixville has something to do on Friday nights in addition to its 'First Friday' festivities. Every Friday this summer, live bands and entertainers will be featured in the Molly Maguire’s Summer Street Music Series. All concerts are free and open to the public.

The outdoor concert will showcase over a dozen musical performances by blues, jazz and rock artist as well as tribute bands for The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Santana, and even Elvis.

Local bands start at 6 p.m. Acts start at 7:30 p.m., at the corner of Bridge and Main streets in the heart of downtown Phoenixville. The concert series will be taking place on the 200 block of Bridge Street in the Columbia Hotel parking lot directly across the street from this year’s main sponsor Molly Maguire’s.

For information contact Barry Cassidy at 484-880-1530, or by email at mainstreetcdc@comcast.net



Liz said...

My family is extremely excited to partake in the festivities downtown. The fun filled weekend keeps us in Phoneixville instead of going to the beach as we usually do... and not because of gas prices either!

Barry - Great Job

Liz Carroll

Anonymous said...

So where exactly are they setting off the fireworks this year? Can't get a good spot if I don't know where they'll be!

Karen said...

Anonymous 8:21 a.m., I'm told the staging area for the fireworks will be on the east side of Main Street across from the Foundry building and behind the old Superior Beverage building.

I will post any additional information as I receive it.

Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

the phoenix article said the fireworks will be in front of the bluffs

Karen said...

I did speak with Barry Cassidy today, and he tells me that the 100 block of Bridge Street will be closed and will provide optimum viewing for the fireworks.

The trajectory will be towards the former Superintendent's Building, the new 101 restaurant.


Mr. Ellsworth Toohey said...

Perhaps you can answer this question for me. Why is it that Phoenixville seems to have a problem in recent years making the correct decision in canceling the fireworks. They were a great show this year but the weather was horrible. Why can't anybody associated with the fireworks watch the weather channel to determine if the viewers will be sitting in the rain? I would imagine the first friday shopping could have been extended into Saturday. This is a little crazy. Do you know how much public money is spent on this celebration every year?

On a side note, I hope everyone on the North Side that is bathed in the huge cloud of sulfer smoke have cleared their lungs. You guys took one for the team this year. THat was the problem when the foundry had their show. I guess nobody cares or even noticed. When you do fireworks at the highest elevation, the smoke blows away. When you do it at the lowest elevation in Phoenixville, it lingers.

Happy 4th of July. Maybe next year we can celebrate our independence from all this stupidity.

Karen said...

Mr. Toohey, the decision to cancel the fireworks or let them go on is a difficult one. Some people will understand and others will not.

I know that first hand.

Any decision must be rendered using public safety as the number one criteria.

Thankfully, this evening's rain was not accompanied by lightning which obviously brings a very real hazzard to the public as well as the pyrotechnic company employees.

So while the weather was rainy, dank, and awful, the fireworks display was incredibly beautiful and enjoyed by many all over Phoenixville.

You are right about the North side of town taking a hit, but I don't believe anyone could have predicted the quirky nature of the weather when the plans were made for the location.

Mr. Ellsworth Toohey said...

THanks for shedding some light on this situation. If I understand you correctly, the only factor that determines whether the show goes on is if the lives of the viewer are in danger. That is a good factor. I think perhaps the organizers need to look at the possibility of considering other factors such as non life threatening weather conditions that may affect the viewers pleasure and not just the viewers lives.

It just seems to me that by going on with the show, you take away from the celebration and experience. Instead of having a good plan in place to postpone the fireworks until the next day and plan some more festivities around that, we just choose to ram it through no matter what the weather is. Remember last year? There were tornado warnings and thunderstorm warnings posted from 12 noon that day for that evening and no one made the call to cancel. THis wasn't as bad but you would thin there would be a bit more sensitivity toward this kind of situation.

It seems that this is like any other thing this town does. They like to look good spending the money but when it comes time to look at the results, they could care less.

Karen said...

You're welcome, Mr. Toohey, but I believe you may have misunderstood my response.

I said, "Any decision must be rendered using public safety as the NUMBER ONE criteria."

As I am no longer producing the 4th of July event, I hesitate to speak on the borough's behalf, but I do believe they try to address the concerns you mentioned.

I do agree that there should have been a rain date. Heck, they could have had the die-hard First Friday fans and another crowd for Saturday night!

I just love the fact that we have our own 4th of July event in Phoenixville and I'm already looking forward to next year!