Monday, August 4, 2008

(Public Suggestion) Phoenixville Library Plan of Action

The following post was made today to a February thread on this blog located here:

Due to the relevance to an as yet unresolved problem in our borough, the effort and work put into the information in this post, I have decided to give the work a seperate blog thread.

Thank you, Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Phoenixville Library Plan of Action

This is the plan of action to stop the Phoenixville Library from closing Second Avenue.

We believe the library should expand. We support it to expand. We only do not wish for Second Avenue to be closed and /or Reeves Park to be built on.

1) Second Avenue is a vital road used by local people traveling home from shopping.

2) The east/west and vice-versa traffic will not be stopped it will only be more concentrated onto the other avenues.

3) Park Alley behind the library cannot handle any volume of traffic.

4) Second Avenue is the quickest way for the Ambulance to travel from its station on West Bridge Street to the homes on the east side of Starr Street.

5) The traffic that will be shifted to Third Avenue will face a much more difficult time entering Starr Street because of the blind spot on the hill.

6) When not if the Library needs to expand in 10 or 20 years where will the go next.

There are many government organizations that must be informed of our displeasure to close Second Avenue and / or build on Reeves Park. We must contact all members of these organizations. Remember when government organizations are involved the loudest wheels get the oil.

Don’t think everyone else will do something. It is up to you to pass this message along. And EVERYONE must contact all the members of these organizations to voice their feelings

We must contact the Library Commissioners to come up with another plan. Like the expansion using the adjoining property to the North side of the building. To show that you are in support of this direction maybe make an offer to donate money to the library for that direction of expansion. Since the other way to get their attention is with money.

The library Commissioners information is:

Library Commission President

Susan Meadows

Library Commission Vice-President

Deanna Kalmbach


Phillip Howse

Board Member/School Board Representative

Joshua Gould

125 Kleyona Avenue

Phoenixville PA 19460

Board Member/Superintendent Representative

Mary Jane Weiss

Secretary/Representative to D/SAC

Maureen Ash

Board Members

James Mackey

Joseph Koury

Lee Deveny

Lawrence Jilk

Library Board meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Community Room. The public is invited to attend.

Just a few more Questions need to be asked:

1) Is the any one on the library board , School board , Borough Council or Carnevale Eustis Architects, Inc own have title to or are related to the owners of the property north of the Library?

2) How much are the people asking for the property to the north of the library?

3) Is moving the Building an option? (Don’t really want the building just the land)

4) How much is the library willing to pay and / or how much is the borough going to charge for the actual closing one of the longest avenues in the borough?

5) How much will it cost to reroute the infrastructure on Second Avenue?

6) This isn’t just an avenue to a few homes. It is an emergency route for medical & Fire Equipment to easily access the homes on the east side of Starr St. You cannot put a price on life.

Carnevale Eustis Architects, Inc is heavily involved in many build projects in and around the borough of Phoenixville. They have a lot of influence with the borough planning commission. Including the plan to close Second Avenue.

Carnevale Eustis Architects, Inc

181 Bridge Street

Phoenixville PA 19460

Phone 610-933-0197

Fax 610-935-3600


The Phoenixville Planning Commission is who approve the plans for building projects. Please contact them to voice your displeasure of the closing of Second Avenue.


Debra Johnston

240 Griffin Street

Phoenixville PA 19460

Teena Peters

895 Oxford Avenue

Phoenixville PA 19460

George Martynick

217 Franklin Avenue

Phoenixville PA 19460

Marcia Eldred

Phoenixville PA 19460

James Evans

No Address Listed

David Sanick

No Address Listed

Jennifer Faggioli

No Address Listed

The Phoenixville Borough Council is the ones who must approve the closure of Second Ave. Make sure they hear you.

Mayor Leo Scoda

312 Virginia Ave

Phoenixville PA 19460

Council President

Henry Wagner

137 First Avenue

Phoenixville PA 19460


Vice President

Richard Kirkner

405 Ann Street

Phoenixville PA 19460


Kendrick Buckwalter

1117 Ross Lane

Phoenixville PA 19460


Carlos Cirelos

142 First Avenue

Phoenixville PA 19460


David Gill

1235 Tyler Avenue

Phoenixville PA 19460


Michael Speck

413 Nutt Road

Phoenixville PA 19460


Jeffery Senley

403 Westridge Drive

Phoenixville PA 19460


Borough Manager

E. Jean Krack

140 Church Street

Phoenixville PA 19460

And, last but not least, the Phoenixville School District actually owns the land the library sits on. And they should be notified also.

PASD President

Mark Cassaday

579 Brighton Way

Phoenixville PA 19460

PASD Vice President

Jill Slawecki

342 Milligan Street

Phoenixville PA 19460

William Mea

138 Washington Avenue

Phoenixville PA 19460

Mary Croke-Parris

965 BlackRock Road

Phoenixville PA 19460

Paul Salinka

1025 Gay Street

Phoenixville PA 19460

Joshua Gould

125 Kleyona Avenue

Phoenixville PA 19460

Debbie Dawson

1093 Lincoln Avenue

Phoenixville PA 19460

Keith Wickstrom

27 Flintlock ln

Phoenixville PA 19460

Lisa Starczewski

573 Brighton Way

Phoenixville PA 19460

Please don’t think that others will make this contact for you. You must make your voice heard. Make sure you speak up.

August 4, 2008 10:24:00 AM EDT


pdm said...

Is that property north of the library for sale?

I think a cost-effective and unique expansion idea would be to purchase that building and renovate it, connect it to the library via a breezeway, and use it as the expansion. As I recall, it is a fairly large home and it would be neat to have the library collection in that grand old home. I would think renovating it to turn it into a library and building a breezeway would be much cheaper than building over second ave.

Just a thought for this difficult situation...

Anonymous said...

I have made my voice heard in support of the plan.

Karen said...

Thank you, pdm, for the suggestion.

I don't know if the building is currently for sale or not. It was a few years ago but the library board obviously did not desire the acquisition at the time as it is in private hands.

Difficult situations should mean direct dialogue with the parties involved and a resolution agreeable to all sides.

Our hope is that this isn't over yet.

Karen said...

As you should, Anonymous 5:31 p.m.

Your opinion is just as valid as any other.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hott is no longer on Planning Commission; Council replaced him with Marcia Eldred. James Evans' name is messed up in the listing.

Karen said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for the corrections.

I invite anyone with additional information, i.e., telephone numbers, or email addresses, to submit them for posting.

Anonymous said...

Those who support the library expansion also need to make their voices heard to the same people on the list. I have and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Last time I tried Council President Wagner's number it was not correct.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the correct phone number for Council Wagner?

Karen said...

Sorry, Anonymous, I do not.

Anonymous said...

And what about the residents on the west side of Main Street?

If diagonal parking is done on the east side the center line will be moved further west.

This might mean 'No Parking This Side' for the west side. Narrowing the width of Main Street for this block should be a 'no-no'.

Wake up Borough Council!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone think it strange that the Phoenixville Council President's phone number is wrong?

Karen said...

Anonymous 4:19 p.m., Henry Wagner removed his telephone contact information from the borough's website some time ago.

Since you are seeking an answer, I find the lack of a telephone number strange.