Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Apparently, I am making a few of you very....uncomfortable.


Let’s cut right past the talking points and spin of those few posters who are complaining about the nature of the topics I choose to address by asking YOU a few questions.

Are you complaining perhaps because my words and those of other posters are making you think?

Are you complaining because those same words are a perspective you would rather not see publically addressed?

In my mission statement, I stated my intention to open this blog "for the neighbors of the Phoenixville area to communicate on just about any subject that comes to mind." I have done exactly that, and, I will continue to do so. This is, after all, my blog.

I have every intention of continuing to cut to the heart of a situation presenting truth from my perspective. As a good neighbor, I have given YOU the right to post your own comments even if I disagree with you.

Personal integrity is important to me, and when I write, the act is born from love for my community and passion for it's future from a life of living in Phoenixville, from information garnered from many sources, and from my own experiences.

I am fully cognizant that my family, friends, and neighbors read this blog and that my opinions are publically known.

Therefore, I seriously consider truth from my perspective to be an essential element.

Writing on controversial issues and assuming a public position takes no small measure of private courage especially when digging deep into a subject which sometimes no one else wants to touch.

An all-important reason for my blog and exchange of comments thereon, is a hoped-for conclusion that the persistent scrutiny of Phoenixville's issues will change a course of direction, change a mind, or lead bigger media to the hunt on a story.

The light of this blog is kept on for the purpose stated in my mission comments, the issues will be presented, the questions asked, and the truths stated.

My hometown, OUR hometown, Phoenixville, deserves no less, and frankly, desperately needs all the watchdogs of the blogging community.

If you are still uncomfortable I respectfully suggest you pass by my blog.


Anonymous said...

Writing on controversial issues and assuming a public position takes no small measure of private courage especially when digging deep into a subject which sometimes no one else wants to touch." - Karen Johns

I indicated that you are filled with a sense of self importance in the previous thread and this whole "Uncomfortable" thread proves it - especially this one I quoted. Calling yourself courageous is seriously beyond self importance. Karen, kids fighting in wars, for our freedom is courageous. You commenting on a blog is just your opinion. Nothing else. I hate to break the news to you. But I will spread the word on other blogs and post your ridiculous comments so people can understand what planet you are coming from. Voices in your head much?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! The queen has spoken.

Anonymous said...

These trolls go from blog to blog, Karen, ignore them. You know that. They try to shout above the serious comments and make a ridiculous sport of attacking people.

Keep doing what you do.

I can see with my own eyes who has courage and who doesn't. I can also see they posted their names. Anonymous. Trolls.

Anonymous said...

I think it's really only one person... initials: B.C.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, its definitely more than one person. And its definitely not BC. You folks are so stuck on BC that you can't even open your eyes and understand that you complainers are the fringe of Phoenixville. The grumblers. Actually thats a good name for a rock band.

Anonymous said...

I think Karen is the one that's uncomfortable. Why would she post such a thread if she were not uncomfortable? Just my observation.

Anonymous said...

50 cents per week. You are complaining about 50 cents per week according to Ken's numbers. No whiners, I know everyone can afford 50 cents per week. No excuses - please!

Karin said...

Whatever you think about Karen's sense of self importance as perceived by some, you have to give her credit that she has the guts to put her name to what she says.

Her comment referenced private courage, the courage one finds within to act, and in Phoenixville's often sickening political climate where one finds him or herself crucified for speaking his/her mind, there is no doubt that private courage is exactly what these local blogs exemplify, regardless of whether you agree with the opinions they offer.

Anonymous said...

Courage. Please. You wouldn't know courage if it was banging down your door. Please tell us, again, how courageous you are Karen. Please.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Karen thinking she's courageous. I think she is just speaking her mind. Having said that, she is quite full of herself and tends to tell people how they should be thinking. Just an observation. Otherwise, she is nice.