Saturday, January 24, 2009

The green technology train is about to pull out of the station. Will Phoenixville be on board?

President Barack Obama is in the process of laying new tracks for the future of our country one of which is in the lucrative field of renewable energy.

On this side of the rails, Phoenixville has a barren scar of approximately 123 acres on the former Phoenix Steel site still undeveloped since the closing of the plant in 1987.

The current development plan is for mixed-use office, residential, and village retail.

Twenty years have passed since the 1987 demise of the iron company, and thirteen years since the purchase of the property by Delta Corporation. Perhaps at this pivotal point in the on-going economic crisis in our country it's time to start thinking outside the unproductive box we are in.

We must face the fact that numerous corporations are closing and/or laying off employees, the nation has a backlog of unsold homes, many in foreclosure, and retail chains as well as individual retailers are closing their doors.

By all associations, the above mentioned master plan is now defunct.

A reshaping of ideas, and an aggressive campaign for green industry and business must come to Phoenixville if the revitalization process is to continue.

According to experts around the world, the smart money is on renewable energy.

Phoenixville has an unprecedented opportunity to attract and meet the needs of those companies involved in green solutions to our global energy problem.

Identified as solar, wind, waste, etc., renewable energy will explode in the coming years, and each new company will need a base of operations, industrial locations, and employees.

An enormous potential exists in the fields of techology, as well as in the areas of job creation for development, long-term sustainable jobs in production, manufacturing, and the operation of plants.

We have 123 acres of prime real estate in the heart of our town just waiting to be developed to complete the dream of total revitalization in Phoenixville.

Focusing on a blend of green technology corporate offices and industry, including some of my ideas of a local "Riverwalk" utilizing the beauty of the areas surrounding French Creek, as well as the completion of the long-awaited Schuylkill River Trail an new approach to the redevelopment of the Phoenix Steel site may turn out to be the train which drives the completion of Phoenixville's revitalization.

We have the prime property, the right ideas, and the initiative.

We don't want to miss the coming alternative energy boom.

All Phoenixville needs is a dedicated conductor for this train.


Anonymous said...

Karen Johns for head of the CDC!

Just IMAGINE what you could accomplish Karen, if you were paid 125,000 a year, to bring your idea to fruition.

Karen said...

I am so motivated to see a project that would bring a specific combination of factors together for a successful and true revitalization of Phoenixville, Anonymous, a title and a salary aren't even a consideration.

So many avenues could lead us to success if we are collectively geared to position our town as having the right attitude, and the right locale.

For example, the wealth of information available on the internet would almost instantly bring a listing of those companies involved in the development and manufacturing of alternative energies.

Persistent, careful, and targeted marketing of an open door position by Council along with an attractive tax plan to those technologies mentioned could only bring the results we desperately need to redevelop the Phoenix Steel site.

A project of this type would mean much cooperation between many entities, a lot of hard work and perseverance, but positive results could mean Phoenixville's taxpayers would finally be relieved of the cumbersome tax burden, jobs of all types could be offered, and our legacy to our children and grandchildren of a better community fulfilled.

Phoenixville already is postioned to be the engine driving the alternative technology train into the future.

We CAN do this.

Anonymous said...


I hope you're right about phoenixville being able to do this.

It will take leadership from Borough Council, which I haven't seen any recently. How about you?

How about the Schuylkill Valley Metro? Why aren't the Counties and the Commonwealth working together to make it happen? What about trails?

Keep the Faith!

Karen said...

Anonymous 9:45 a.m., as I put forth in the original post, a plan of this type, attracting green technology to redevelop the Phoenix Steel site would take the cooperation of many different entities, alot of hard work, and tenacity.

Many experts see a conjunction of possibilities merging in our country as well as world-wide which identify alternative energy as the industry which will see the most growth.

Just about anything can be accomplished if all the factors come together, Anonymous, including the other items you mentioned.