Friday, March 13, 2009

BREAKING - Court order to DISMISS Holy Ghost Church's lawsuit against the St. Nicholas Brotherhood

This lawsuit was in regards to the ownership of the Holy Ghost Church property.

From the pdf file:

" is hereby ORDERED and DECREED that the objections are SUSTAINED and the Plaintiff's Complaint is DISMISSED with predjudice.

By the Court:

Edward Griffith

The court order is open record and I am attempting to find a way to post it in it's entirety for public viewing.


With thanks to the blog, One Small Voice in Phoenixville, the Court order is posted here:
Click on the link and then click on the Court order to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

This is delightful news. My family has prayed for this outcome again.
The project or sale of corner would ruin the property, Starr St.

What is described in original paperwork was apparently Gods intent as people who loved GOD did then what they are doing now, keeping Holy Land for Holy Use intact forever hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Your link does not work. Will it end here? Will Evens complete housing plans at Moose instead as that was the word around town last night?

Anonymous said...

"Render unto Caeser what is Caeser's; render unto God what is God's". It appears that Divine Intervention has prevailed here, in the form of the courts. That being said, I cannot help but be curious as to what gyrations will occur next? The church is now mostly empty on Sundays, due in large part to the division that has occurred. Will the actions of the small faction that is intent on selling the land empty the rest of the pews?

Anonymous said...

No comment was made after church services today. I'm sure if the decree was the opposite it would be heralded loudly from the pulpit. God is good and God knows the people are good who have tried to save the church from the tyrants who have tried to destroy what the founders worked so hard for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and all praise to St. Nicholas, who is truly the Wonderworker!

Anonymous said...

At least the people will possibly have many Paska with the baskets being blessed on the lovely property under the dogwoods.

Pray for healing and the end to this maddness.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the amounts of money and unity this parish would have had if they did not propose selling the land for the new social hall!

Apparently, the people trying to honor their families intent for the ground, are a majority and if you had not ignored them and the lease, you'd have your new social hall without borrowing a dime or selling out your souls.

What a travesty!