Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Does it surprise you?

In an emergency meeting of borough officials last night, Phoenixville's 1849 Articles of Incorporation were revealed to have never been adopted.

Rumors circulated in the borough for the last few days that an intensive research of archived documents would reveal an unprecidented error proved to be correct.

Presented with the original unsigned sheepskin as well as attending documents to the Articles of Incorporation, officials were disturbed to learn the potential ramifications of the clerical error.

Apparently, each ordinance and every piece of legislation enacted since 1849 must be revisited and voted upon by the current administration in order for them to be legally enacted as well as enforced. With thousands of ordinances placed in the code over the last 160 years, this additional work is expected to take years and require a team of lawyers and at unestimated cost to taxpayers.

In addition to the myraid problems as yet to be uncovered by officials, borough streets and residential and business addresses may be effected. "Since we will have to re-ordain all the streets in the borough", said historical researcher, Iza Jok, "officials may take this opportunity to rename all the borough streets and change addresses in order to eliminate addresses which are not sequential in the various neighborhoods."

Once the streets and addresses are renamed and addresses reassigned, all borough residents and property owners will be required to update their driver's license, re-record their deeds on ownership of their property, contact their utilities providers, county voting registration, employers, insurance companies, schools, doctor and hospital records, as well as various other institutions to indicate a change of address.

Understanding the full ramifications of the lack of authentic Incorporation Articles, undaunted borough officials will begin to address and argue the issues by deciding whether or not to authorize the legal adoption of the borough or just secede from the union and create an independent country on April 01, 2009.


Karen said...

April Fool's!!

Anonymous said...

you got me...

Ed Naratil said...


Really had me going. Never even gave April Fool one thought, even after many other April Fool's pages.

Being familiar with over 40 years of Council's workings it seemed very plausible that this was real.

I'll be waiting, but probably fall for it again, for your 2010 April blog.

Karen said...

I just couldn't resist, Ed and Anonymous.

Got to lighten up the blog every once in a while! ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice one Karen. I was just about to go into my regular routine and you ruined it with the April Fools. But, you got me! I guess I'll have to go back to the Library threads and play devils advocate with that again. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha OMG, I work for the borough and thought it was true. Excellent Job !!..