Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy Ghost Church conditional approval - CANCELLED

The Phoenixville Planning Commssion will not address the conditional approval request on the Holy Ghost Church proposal on Thursday, April 09, 2009.

All other agenda items remain.

The St. Peter's Place at Holy Ghost Church request is rescheduled for the May 14, 2009 Planning Commission meeting at 7 p.m. at Phoenixville Borough Hall.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the clergy figured out it will make them look rather unspiritual if they fight for this on Holy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Now Karen, don't leave us hanging like this............do you know why?? Divine Intervention, perhaps?

Karen said...

I don't know, Anonymous 2:15 p.m., why the item was cancelled for this meeting.

I was not told, and anything further would only be in the realm of speculation.

Anonymous said...

If the planning commission and borough council were wise, they would not entertain this topic in the future.

The April statement by John Bilanin VP, for Holy Ghost was bogus and not at the authority of the owners of record. The lease is valid! The courts ruled! Move on for the better of the town and elderly!

Anonymous said...

"... it will make them look rather unspiritual if they fight for this on Holy Thursday..."

IMHO as a reader who is not affiliated with either religion there isn't much they can do at this point to make themselves look any MORE 'unspiritual' LOLOLOL
Actions speak so much louder than sermons

Anonymous said...


The proper term here is "postponed" since the issue will be taken up at the May Planning Commission meeting. "Cancelled" means that it's off the table, not to be heard from again.

My guess is that clergy realized they have other responsbilities on Holy Thursday or at least should be seen as having other responsiblities.

Be prepared for the May Planning Commission Meeting. I'm sure they will all be there then!

Anonymous said...

did anyone see the signs at Holy Ghost reading "IN AMERICA CHRIST IS RISEN" These signs were up for the past week.

During our normal calendar for Catholics and churches following the resurrection this weekend, the Risen Lord is IN 48 Hours ...

Will forward you a photo. This is amazing for a parish celebrating the Risen Savior in another 9 days to post this hand written sign with flags and garland?

Signed: An embarrassed member of the church