Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great plan at Holy Ghost Church meeting - just kick the can down the road

After three consecutive weekly bulletins were distributed to parishoners at Holy Ghost Church, in addition to emails, telephone calls, and copies sent to some members in good standing of proposed by-laws for the new St. Nicholas Brotherhood, a meeting scheduled today to vote on the new by-laws failed to achieve a quorum.

By Holy Ghost Church's by-laws, a quorum consists of 50 Church members.

Approximately 42 or 43 members attended today's meeting.

Not a quorum by Holy Ghost Church's by-laws.

For those who wish to preserve and protect the 22 acre site located at Starr and Bridge Streets from a sale of a portion of the property to build a HUD apartment building, good news.

At first blush.

What happened next, in my humble opinion, reduces the attempt at legitimacy (see Court Order below) to zero.

(Click to enlarge)

A motion was made to continue with the meeting even though a quorum was not achieved. Motion passed.

Another motion to accept the new by-laws for the new St. Nicholas Brotherhood (which the Court Order declares already exists in perpetuity!) was approved by approximately 38-39 members, with 4 dissenting, or 20% of the membership of Holy Ghost Church.

Kick the can is a childhood game.

One can only imagine the road this can will travel due to the actions taken today.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen, for keeping this mess public much to the chagrin of those who would sell us down the river like the slaves whose bones rest on the Holy Ghost property. God Bless you for many happy and blessed years of good health.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe the idiots actually continued the meeting!!!!

Amazing the arogance of this group.

Wow, only in Phoenixville is a true statement. God Rest the soul of Skip as he would have had a field day with this story.

Anonymous said...

Wow can you say invalid and possible fraud. I wonder how long till someone in HUD or the Federal government gets the details of this for further investigation. Oh wait. They already have it. I wonder just what trails of monies and transfers of funds the FBI might uncover? Karen, Keep up this fine work and rest assured that there are things the little town and the board and the dishonest "father" doesn't know is going on in the Federal level.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If Trustar bought their parcel .375 acres in 2002-03 next to Social Cener for $ 875,00 and now are willing to sell to Evans for less........ Why at a loss?

If HG signed an agreement of sale for their parcel to Evans for $500,000 plus plowing and paving for life, still, extremely under market value.... Why?


Yes your investigations have been worth the time. Checkmate!