Monday, May 25, 2009

Holy Ghost Church & St. Peter's - Again

According to fellow blogger and Phoenixville Borough Council Member, Ken Buckwalter, St. Peter's and Holy Ghost Church are coming before the Council on Tuesday, May 26, 2009.

While I am certain that God is weighing His opinion on the validity of this project, Council will need the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job to sort through this polarizing plan already beset with legal issues, and it's no laughing matter.

Collectively placed before Council is a request for approval for a conditional use application, a land development application, a preliminary plan, AND a final plan for HUD housing on the corner of Starr and Bridge Streets.

I can't say it hasn't happened before but, personally, I can't remember a multifaceted request such as this one in the past.

From Ken's site,

XIV. New Business: Consider Approval of the St. Peters Conditional Use Application/HGO Land Development Application/Preliminary and Final Plan be Considered at the June 11, 2009 Planning Commission Meeting.

The proposal is for HUD apartments on the property owned by the Saint Nicholas Brotherhood of Holy Ghost Orthodox Church.

A couple of questions, just thrown to the wind in cyber space because I'm not an attorney, not a Judge, not a parishoner of HGC, but I AM a very interested decendant of a founding family.

Didn't one of the court orders declare the owners of the Holy Ghost Church property, the Saint Nicholas Brotherhood, as existant in perpetuity?

Did the Holy Ghost Church recognize the above fact and meet with the surviving members of the Saint Nicholas Brotherhood?

Does Holy Ghost Church recognize and validate the 99 year lease?

Can Phoenixville Borough Council discuss, debate, or render decisions on this property?

I don't expect answers on this blog, but we may find some at Phoenixville Borough Hall during the 7 p.m. Council meeting.

One last question.

Would the taxpayers of Phoenixville be placed at risk to underwrite the costs for any possible lawsuit if Borough Council takes action on this matter?


Anonymous said...

I do not think the majority of council cares about the taxpayers money Ms. Karen. You give them too much credit.

Instead honoring the requests of Father Evans take priority.

Anonymous said...

Karen, Do not let this affect your health. It is in God's hands now.

The courts have made their ruling and if the council of Phoenixville is not educated on law or how to proceed shame on them!

If the church disrespects the founders and benafactors to this level, then they deserve to lose the beautiful property to the plans in place as we all know it will not end with this project.

Karen said...

The Council meeting did not convene due to the lack of a quorum.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they kept their hands out of my pockets last night! Any way to prevent a quorum for the rest of the year until, hopefully, a new council, with a little more intelligence, will be seated and correct these errors.

Anonymous said...

Quite interesting to those of us who attended the meeting - that Evans, Clemm and the HG President John Ellie were aware of the meeting not being able to take place due to a quorum. Perhaps they are more in the pocket of council then the average tax payer?

Anonymous said...

When will this be rescheduled?
Will the topic remain on planning agenda next week or will it have to be postponed until the next council meeting?

Is it true the council did not have any idea the SNB ownership and court case had been won?

How could this be since it was all over their own website blogs?

My wife personally handed over copies of courthouse documents she found online to planning and mgr of town - doesn't that get communicated to council as well?

Council had to have known and therefore remove topic from their agenda until lease is up and Evans can rightfully obtain an agreement of sale with rightful owners. Or am I stupid?

Anonymous said...

Any participants attending the
meeting of 5/31 regarding new bylaws of "SNB" could be held in
contempt of court as this meeting is deemed illegal in a court of law. Members of HG, stay home and pray for healing in our family parish.

Anonymous said...

Identity theft and then flying down to Florida didn't work out too well for Bonnie Sweeten. It should not be that the Holy Ghost parishioners be complicit in allowing the St. Nicholas Brotherhood fall victim to a similar crime.

GhostGator said...