Sunday, June 21, 2009

Neda's Revolution - The heartbreaking and devastating cost of freedom in Iran

I debated the pros and cons for quite some time before I decided to post this video and commentary. It has already been shown numerous times on cable and local news, but I believe many people still do not understand the simple fact that we who inhabit this earth are brothers and sisters. We are all human beings sharing the same needs, need for the same quality of life, and desires no matter where on earth we live.

We all bleed. We all die. Even the innocents.

The horrifing consequences of man's inhumanity to man and the current crisis in Iran is disturbingly real in this video which captures the murder and martyrdom of a 16 year old beautiful child, Neda.

Many are now calling the grave situation in Iran, Neda's Revolution.


Neda Soltani. 16 years old, murdered in the Streets, protesting peacefully with her father yesterday.

Neda, a young woman who was watching the protests in Tehran was shot dead by the regimes baseeji militia.

Yesterday, along with Neda, 30 others were killed and 300 wounded.

There are reports that the security forces were arresting the wounded from their hospital beds.

Ali Khamanei is personally responsible for Nedas death and the death of protestors.

Yesterday, the peoples solidarity was truly immense. They provided support, gave shelter and offered food to the protesters all day until late at night.

Demonstrations took place, in many parts of Tehran, Shiraz, Rasht, Isfahan.

Here is the price of freedom: every drop of courage, ounce of pain, pint of blood. Paid in advance...

Spread the word (and this video if u want). lets not let these heroic people down. knowledge is freedom.

Wynn 1960


Live and recorded feed from Tehran.

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