Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Phoenixville Library - Up or down vote scheduled for Thursday meeting

The Phoenixville School Board's monthly meeting is set for Thursday, June 25, 2009 at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. The agenda for the meeting is not yet available online.

According to the last Buildings and Grounds Committee agenda, the School Board will be voting on the following library items:

Approval of Indemnification Agreement Between the Phoenixville Public Library Foundation and Phoenixville Area School District

Approval of the Future Acceptance of Vacated Portion of Second Avenue

This vote will be the approval or denial of the controversial library expansion plan which closes Second Avenue forever.

Please make every effort to attend this very important meeting.


Anonymous said...

Karen..I spoke to JS on the school board yesterday and she said only 8 members will be there thurs. night.One member out of the country.She said the library vote WILL PASS, but not by a majority.Ask the board if they had to pay 100,000 dollars for the street would this pass.She told me NO.Therefore,they are simply passing this issue because they are getting the property for a dollar.Council will change the ordinance or create an overlay district for this property to get around zoning and it will never see ZHB.Good Luck.(Print if you want)Most SB members I spoke to feel that this is a Boro problem and not a SB problem.Vote will be 5-3 to approve.With the Boro 1.5 mil in the hole I don't think that they should be giving land away for a buck.How about you.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 7:36....I think it is a benefit to the borough to give the land away for a buck. With a bigger library, we can draw more people into town and increase the tax revenue. Sounds like a winning situation to me.

Anonymous said...

At this site there flows an underground stream clearly visible on old maps of Phoenixville. The site itself and the age of the building require extra maintenance costs which will exceed well over $100,000 over the next several years. There are no dollars saved with this plan.
When the school board signed the first agency agreement, they passed the buck. They started the problem. The borough did not come to the school district with a need to close 2nd avenue with a big concrete block. If they vote to continue this, it is setting a very poor example for the children. The lesson here is that you can set something in motion, claim that it's the other guys fault when you started the whole thing. You can get away with anything as long as you pay a lawyer to tell you that you can pay him and get a paper which gets you off from the results of your actions scot free.

Karen said...

Anonymous, after all which has been said regarding the current library expansion plan I have to believe that discernment, intelligence, and concern for the safety and welfare of our children and residents, whom the school board members represent, will outweigh the lobbying efforts of the library board.

Anonymous said...

6/25..7:36 AM.TOLD YOU SO.5-3 vote and the elected officials of this town need to be removed.When are Council and SB going to start looking out for the taxpayers instead of making decisions from the heart.Teacher salaries?TAX INCREASE.Uniform and non-uniform employees?TAX INCREASE.New Middle School?TAX INCREASE.Boro deficit.Tax INCREASE.PLEASE STOP THE BLEEDING.Vote these people out of office for stupidity.Amazing how educated people have no common sense.