Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FOIA request and one activist resident's tale

Five Owen J. Roberts school board members have been the focus of hundreds of angry residents recently due to the firing of a popular administrator, Phoenixville Area School District has the KES mess, library expansion, and other problems consistently on their agendas, Phoenixville's Borough Council has to weigh in on the controversial St. Peter's Place Development plans at a conditional use hearing and will shortly figure out how to tell the public the borough is in a potential 7 figure hole, Holy Ghost Church parishioners have been torn asunder and divided, and the Phoenixville Library board persists in pushing a plan which may increase risks to our children and will destroy the quality of life and more in an entire neighborhood.

And, folks, there's more of this kind of stuff in the pipeline, coming at you.

What's in the water around here?

Dorene Pasekoff, Coordinator for St. John's United Church of Christ Organic Community Garden and Labyrinth sent out a short note earlier this evening indicating her attached PDF file contained "...details of my adventures with the Borough today."


We all know there are two sides to every story, and if E. Jean Krack has a response for this blog, I'd be more than happy to post his comments.

In the meantime, someone really should call the EPA, the DEP, or Homeland Security and get some samples of that Schuylkill punch.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jean Krack has cracked and needs a vacation......a very long vacation. Unless the plans had to be sent out for copying because they are the large engineering size plans versus 8 1/2 by 11 documents, wouldn't it have been better to just make the copies? Mr Krack, maybe you should go back to Coatesville to continue to screw things up and leave us alone. Doesn't sound like you have the temperment for this job.

Joe said...

Ask him why there isn't a deal with the parking authority and why the authority hasn't done squat in 15 months on the job. He runs a buddy buddy operation, not a business. I fear the worst.

Anonymous said...

sounds, like phx borough needs to sell their water system, and put some vitamins in the water, so that they can balance their budget,,,and have educated citizens