Thursday, July 9, 2009

PCEF's New home announcement and an invitation!

Dear Friends of the Phoenixville Community Education Foundation:

It’s time to celebrate a new beginning for PCEF!

Effective July 1, PCEF’s new home (both office and Board room) is located at 120 Main Street, on the second floor of the Phoenixville Federal Bank and Trust. Many thanks to Mr. Kunsch for his generosity! I would also like to recognize Chuck Benz and the main street bank staff for being so welcoming during our move, and Chris Caba of the Party Center, who donated a Ryder Truck and provided three strong young men to assist in transporting all the office furniture.

In moving forward, I will certainly miss the camaraderie that came with having an office in the Phoenixville Area Middle School, but the good working relationship with the administration, teachers, and support staff district wide will continue unimpeded. On behalf of the PCEF Board of Trustees, many thanks to all the wonderful people of our community who made our efforts to support education in the Phoenixville area possible, successful, and so much fun!

Let’s keep the momentum guys and gals. The PASD and PCEF are completely separate, so our Mission can be served with greater flexibility. We can be confident moving forward that we have the support of very good people—the best of the best. That’s a proven fact!

To launch our new beginning, let’s come together en masse at the beautiful Phoenixville Foundry on September 25. Bob Tomasso of the Foundry and Bob Ryan of Robert Ryan Catering have given us a great opportunity through cost reduction—making it affordable for a Little Foundation with Big Potential. Please start spreading the word, and contact me at your earliest convenience to reserve seating. Our goal is to have YOU in attendance—dining, dancing, and having a fabulous evening with friends, family, and co-workers.

Please feel free to stop by our new office home anytime (private entrance off Hall Street; just ring the bell).

Thanks a bunch ~ and see you in September J


PS…Please forward the “GALA” SAVE THE DATE below to your contact list and encourage all to attend. Everyone is welcome. It’s a new beginning, so let’s celebrate in style!

SAVE THE DATE: Fourth Annual PCEF Endowment Gala-September 25, 6:30 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. at the Phoenixville Foundry. Reservations are required. Please call today and sign up a friend, too.

***This year’s ticket price has been discounted from $150 to $100 per person—all inclusive!

Phoenixville Community Education Foundation

Taking Education to New Heights

Nan E. Odenthal

Chief Executive Officer

Phoenixville Community Education Foundation

120 Main Street (Private Entrance off Hall Street)

PO Box 348

Phoenixville, PA 19460



Anonymous said...

Dearest Nan. You say pcef and pasd are separate. Yet, your job is funded by pasd tax dollars.

So the tax payer assumes all risk?

Will pcef cough up their financials since the taxpayer kinda wants to know what you're doing with our money. Seem anything Noyse touched turns up smelly??????

Anonymous said...

Nan. Where is your email address? Trying to avoid any public discussions regarding pcef's aversion to transparency?

Karen said...

Received today via email from Nan Odenthal.

Phoenixville Community Education Foundation (PCEF)