Monday, July 6, 2009

Receipt of FOIA requested documents and Phoenixville Borough Council's oversight process with CDC prompts resident's outrage

Orignially posted to the recent library expansion article.

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Anonymous said...

Joe Rooney, freelance journalist for the residents of Phoenixville--I am in recipt of documents recieved from the Borough in response to my application of a right-to-know.

My request included all CDC reports to Borough, CDC contract with Borough, CDC accounting, and CDC grant applications and results...the documents I recieved have put me in to a rage.

It is evident, in the construction of the Borough's contract with the CDC and the documents I recieved as a result of my request of a right to know that there is absolutely no oversight in regard to the Borough ensuring the 125,00 tax payer dollars it invests in the services of the CDC are spent in accordance to the best interests of the Borough residents.

I requested all monthly reports(and only recieved 6 reports dating back to 5-13-08--where are the rest?), and what I recieved, if handed in by a student to a teacher would not only qualify the student for a failing grade, but prompt the teacher the contact the parents.

The reports are laughable in composition--spelling errors (granted I have spelling errors in my articles from time to time and probably some here but no one is paying me 125,000 to be an advovate to the Borough), thin explinations progress, actions, and no follow through in anything.

I will be persuing this issue of lack of over sight not becuase of any personal vendeta against the CDC, but because as a resident I want and and believe my fellow residents also want to get the best return on the investment we've put into the borough as property owners.

What I recieved today is the best my local government can do to help me understand the progress of our redevelopment, somethings got to change.

The CDC has accomplished many things, but when it comes to finding out why they didn't accomplish what they said they would unless we demand thourough and detailed reporting, and the same detail in oversight.

July 6, 2009 10:41:00 PM EDT


Anonymous said...

Good work ,Joe. When your finished uncover the library scam and Holy Ghost.As a matter of fact push the last two items to the top. Fox 29 is next to investigate.

Anonymous said...


You're just in a rage now? Where have you been, buddy?

Sorry for the snark. Now that I've gotten that out of my system, be a journalist and follow where the trail leads you. It should be a very interesting and informative ride for us all.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone be shocked by the fact that BC is an incompetent boob. He's arrogant, juvenile, immature, relatively illiterate, a bully, argumentative, crude and intolerable. None of that shocks me any more. What still shocks is the fact that the CDC Board members and Borough Council's majority don't seem to give a rats behind that he is this way. Surely it's not because he gotten results beyond what anyone else could have gotten, and for a lot less cost. In a corporate environment he would have been fired a very long time ago. His list of major miscalculations, half/unfinished projects, wasted dollars and time is actually longer than his accomplishment list. I can only hope this latest salvo actually turns on the light for a few people and they actually fulfill their responsibilities to this community.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, what has the CDC accomplished?

Propping up bands on a Friday evening?
Replacing light posts?
Cutting down all of the trees?

What else?

Karen said...

According to my read of this post, the author is anonymous, not Joe Rooney.

I believe the poster is trying to contact Mr. Rooney, and to that end I have forwarded the post to him.

Anonymous said...

An old story that doesn't get any better with age.