Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ron Knabb, architect for Holy Ghost Senior Center, appointed to Phoenixville Planning Commission

Round and round and round we go.

What is it about the political world in Phoenixville?

Don't we have enough controversies?

Seems maybe even a sneeze in Council chambers isn't spontaneous.

I'm told at the end of this meeting Council President Henry Wagner ended with the usual request of the members, are there any other matters to come before Council?

Looking to his left, Wagner repeated his question.

No one remembers how many times Wagner had to prompt, but Speck suddenly jumped to the job and nominated Knabb for the planning commission seat.



Phoenixville nabs Knabb for planning commission

Thursday, August 20, 2009

By Dennis J. Wright,

PHOENIXVILLE — Borough Council last week named Exton architect Ron Knabb of The Knabb Partnership to fill the vacant spot on the borough's planning commission.

Councilman Mike Speck (D-East) made the motion for Knabb to join the planning commission, filling the vacated seat by George Martynick, who resigned from the comission last month.

Carlos Ciruelos (D-East) seconded the motion.

In fact, this isn't the first time that Knabb's name has come up at a council meeting regarding appointment to the planning commission

It was back on April 28 this year that Speck made a motion to name Knabb to the planning commission before council, on a request by Jeff Senley (R-North) to vote to reappoint comission members Deb Johnston and Dave Saneck.

The decision to name Knabb brought up conversation from Richard Mark Kirkner (D-North), who noted that Knabb is with The Knabb Partnership, and is involved in several projects within the borough.

"Mr. Knabb is the architect for the Holy Ghost Senior Center," Kirkner mentioned.

With a career that began in 1962, Knabb has been before the planning commission in the past with his involvement in the Fairview Housing project in Phoenixville. He was also the architect on Spring Hollow Golf Club's banquet room.

Kirkner made a motion to table the motion, which was seconded by Kendrick Buckwalter (R-West).

The motion to table was denied, and council then voted on Speck's original motion, to which that quickly passed 4-2, with Kirkner and Buckwalter dissenting.


Anonymous said...

Hope his house doesn't get hit by lightening

Anonymous said...

Knabb is also the architect for Pennrose's plan for the Fairview Housing Development.

Anonymous said...

This is partisan politics at it's very worst.

These actions by Council must make it very difficult for the Planning Board to its work properly. At lease two members (Knabb and Evans) have conflicts of interest and can't vote on projects/issues in which they are involved. I guess Council must have thought they would influence the other members. From what I have seen, the other members seem to be quite independent and are not easily swayed.

Also, Mr. Speck should watch himself, since his actions reflect not only on himself but on his employer, the State Representative. It is very possible they both will suffer consequences when voting time comes around. People remember when in the ballot box!

Anonymous said...

Knabb could not answer how wide the entrance to HG Senior Luxury Housing would measure, when asked?

Knabb could not answer where the sewer and water lines were on his drawings when asked, but later shuffled papers and found.

Knabb listed his architictural examples in Pville were a few townhouses and twins. That was all.

Amazing! Luckily it won't matter as this will not go back to any of them as the land is not Evans or The Priests to develope and they know it.

Phys_Ed said...

It's just business as usual in Phoenixville. Just as the Parking Authority members are not reporting their financial interests see Chicken Cacciatore Project and the Ron Knabb post right here on Karen's Blog.

Anonymous said...

Look at the parish listings and picturs of all HG sister church's.
None have the green front yard like Phoenixville.

Why would they allow Knabb to design such a project destroying their green beauty like none of the other 50 see: