Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Take some advice from the neighbors

Lord, I do love Phoenixville.

All my life I've loved this town and the people in it.

Well, most all of them. There are, seriously, only a few I prefer to not to run into. That's the nicest way to phrase it.

For the most part I figure I'm easy enough to get along with and my hackles usually don't rise unless I happen to personally see or hear of inequity or if I become aware of circumstances which don't figure to be clearly black or white.

Things are most always right or wrong and it doesn't take someone else explaining the situation to make a difference.

Unless it's election year.

Take, for example, what a few of my neighbors decided deserves a public stance, which I noticed today.

I believe it happens to be very good advice.

If you should drive down First Avenue, heading east from Main Street, you'll see the first of new purple campaign signs prominently displayed right on the corner of Park Alley.

A few doors down the street and you'll see another one.

Not unusual, after all, it is approximately 40 days from the November 3, 2009 general elections here in Pennsylvania.

Not unusual, at all.

Utterly delightful!

The two homes noted above happen to be displaying signs for the candidate in the Middle Ward, Marc Reber.

Marc is a Republican.

The home owners are Democrat.

What does this small glimpse down a small street, in a small neighborhood of Phoenixville mean?

People are stepping outside their box and supporting the best candidate who happens to be of a different political persuasion.

To begin with, knowing both property owners to be politically astute, intelligent, and discerning residents, their choice made me smile. Gave me a lift. Actually, gave me a measure of hope.

We ARE searching and voting for the most qualified among us.

The neighbors are giving YOU advice, too.

Oh, you can check out the Republican Committee website on Marc for yourself at:

Or, better still, here's his contact info:

Marc Reber

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to be home to meet him at your door one day soon.

In any event, take the time to get to know Marc.

Some of your neighbors are already supporting Marc Reber for the Council seat in the Middle Ward.

Find out why.

The next time you see a Democrat in your neighborhood with a Marc Reber sign on their front lawn, you'll be smiling, too.


Anonymous said...

I've known Marc for a long time. Went to high school with him, in fact. He is a young, energetic, whip-smart guy. The exact sort of person we need on Council.

He's also been active in the community before this as a treasurer at his Church, and a team leader with the Good Works ministry. People may not have noticed, though. He doesn't brag, and is pretty unassuming.

I thought that might be a problem for him in politics. Know what, though? Part of that package is he's a great listener.

Seems to me that's another thing we could use more of in Borough Hall.

Anonymous said...

Would this be the opponent to Mr Speck?

karlub said...

Opponent to Henry Wagner. Speck, alas, will be with us for a couple more years before the voters have an opportunity to deliver him, full-time, to Paul Drucker.

Karen said...

Great testimony, Anonymous 9:17 p.m., on the personal gifts Marc will bring to the Council table.

When I met him, in addition to his obvious intellectual capabilities, I learned Marc posseses another quality I personally search for, a good heart.

Karen said...

Anonymous 9:31 p.m., Michael Speck's term runs until December 31, 2011.

Anonymous said...

Local political issues have a much greater impact on our daily lives than state or national issues (e.g. zoning, police, water, parking) For local issues, I think its a lot more important to look at the person and not their political party. I am happy when informed, compassionate, and involved people like Marc Reber step up even further to help his community and run for local office. Phoenixville has a great number of important and critical issues in the months/years ahead. I look forward to seeing his thoughtful leadership help strengthen and support Phoenixville as the new middle ward council member in the Fall. If you don't know Marc Reber; seek him out via email, phone, or in person most first Fridays.

Anonymous said...

I've only just met Marc, but he impressed me as a thoughtful person who carefully considers all the angles and then makes appropiate decisions. It's that type of person we need representing us in Borough Hall.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Dave Gautreau in the East Ward as a Democrat, but would vote for Marc Reber if I could. Good luck Marc. Our town must step away from the partisan politics and step up and do what is best for this great place to live, place and work. I wish both these candidates the best of luck. They will both think independently and not be puppets of their political parties.

Anonymous said...

So what does he think of the liar-brary?

Holy Ghost Church?

Anonymous said...

Click here for Marc's take on the library expansion.

Click here for his opinion on the community garden.

Anonymous said...

Folks, let's not be naive - and Karen, as usual, leaves out key elements of this little story that hide the truth.

The Reber sign is on a certain person's lawn on 1st avvenue not because he is a supporter, but rather harbors a deep bitterness for Reber's opponent.

I also know Mr. Reber, and while a very nice guy, he has little background about key issues that will shape our town. He may have a 'good heart' in Karen's eyes, but Karen's eyes certainly do not speak for all of Phoenixville.

Ah, herein lies the core fallacy of blogging - or those who incorrectly call themselves "citizen journalists" - the element of truth is twisted by the blogger, since bias is the reason for the blogger's being. Perspectives of bloggers are a mile wide, but only an inch deep.

Karen, it's time for you to come clean, and admit this.

Blogwalter said...

So what does he think of the liar-brary? Holy Ghost Church? September 24, 2009 9:54:00 AM EDT

At this point it doesn’t matter his views on either project as they are done deals. What may be important is his view on a possible overlay district for the library project.

Karen said...

Anonymous 11:16 a.m., by your choice of words, by your obvious angst, I have a question for you, but we'll get to that later.

Anything I write, is done at MY hand.

What I choose to write comes from thoughts formulated within, and thankfully, I simply cannot tap into yours and produce them as my own work.

Since you have opinions which differ widely from mine, space on this blog is allotted to you for the purpose of seeing your words in print, and to share them with other readers.

Never, ever challenge my intentions.

Never, ever assume that your opinion is one I also thought of and/or would agree with.

My truth is here on these pages for you and all the world to see.

The only truth hidden is your name, Anonymous.

Frankly, I'm amazed at your ability to definitively state the intentions of another person for placing a campaign sign on their lawn. Do you come by this information first-hand or are you assuming, again?

Obviously, Anonymous, you don't know Marc Reber at all. From where I sit, reading your few paragraphs and comparing them to Reber's written and spoken work, Mr. Reber has more political acumen, better personal skills, and far less ego than you, sir.

In less than two hundred words, you took a swipe at me, condesendingly refered to the candidate, attacked internet journalism, and took another poke at me.

I've come clean.

The above are my comments under my name, and it's now time for my question.

Are you Henry?

Karen said...

Oh, Ken, always leave hope.

Holy Ghost Church property is tied up in Court. A decision may be several years coming, and in the meantime many people are suffering over the division in their Church.

The library plan has created the same type of division among the public.

The current plan is risky, outrageous, and defies all logic.

Due to these factors and many more including a price tag which may top the projected $6,500,000 by several million by the time a shovel would be poised over the macadam on Second Avenue, the plan can and should be shot down or scrapped for one which actually does benefit Phoenixville.

Leave some smiles in your wake, my friend. :)

karlub said...

If the go-to case explaining what will soon be a growing crop of signs supporting Mr. Reber is an "bitter" dislike of Mr. Wagner, well...

You're soon going to have to admit there are a LOT of people who feel similarly, or there's a lot more to it.

When you get a chance to chat with Marc, I think you'll find the latter is a more likely explanation. If you want to be sure to find that out for yourself, just give him a call. He's plenty easy to get ahold of, and sincerely interested in hearing from as many constituents as possible.

Anonymous said...

A few words of advice and this goes for all newcomers even the Mayor candidate,GET OUT AND KNOCK ON DOORS.

Show your face and talk to people.

I've seen Marc at almost all the council meetings this year and I think he takes this position very seriously.

Don't know him but did introduce myself to him and he asked for my phone number.That tells me he is interested in this job.Even asked an old head like me for advice.

Always has a legal pad and is taking notes.Might be a quiet guy but seems really interested.

GO to the gateway or downtown and shake hands.It works.

Good Luck to all the new guys.

Anonymous said...

Running opposed to Henry Wagner? I'd say that was a slam-dunk!

"The Reber sign is on a certain person's lawn on 1st avvenue not because he is a supporter, but rather harbors a deep bitterness for Reber's opponent"

...and your point is? This is why many Republicans changed parties in the last presidential election. Not so much because we loved Obama, but more that we didn't love Billary! Whatever it takes!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:54--Are you a nut case ? Do you really think it was R's that changed parties had a effect on what you call Billary ?...your funny.

Anonymous said...

Henry's comments to Karen are funny! It is so obvious that Henry wrote those comments. Good luck starting your new post in January Marc, you will do great.

Anonymous said...

To: September 24, 2009 11:16:00 AM say...."I also know Mr. Reber, and while a very nice guy, he has little background about key issues that will shape our town.".....what a joke. First of all....if that was a requirement then the majority of those currently on council shouldn't be there either, including Mr. Wagner. And I can assure everyone, not a single one of them had any background on key issues when they were elected. The writer is obviously quite the joker or delusional.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting years for this election. When I moved here the major drama was DiGirolomo and that problem was resolved.

Now it's time for Wagner, the pontificating gasbag to go. Joe Rooney pointed out how pained Wagner looks when someone approaches the Council floor, and his disparaging looks at members when they comment.

His air of superiority and disdain for constituents undermines his value as a public servant.

I hope he is standing outside the polls when I go to vote so I can give him a big wave goodbye.

(Where do we get out Reber campaign signs?)

Karen said...

Lawn signs can be obtained by contacting Marc at:

Marc Reber



karlub said...

Anonymous 10:36:00 AM:

Click through to the Phoenixville GOP site to get Marc's contact information. Actually, heck, lemme cut and paste it right here:

Marc Reber
mreber9 at gmail dot com

Give him a call, and he'll get some signs right out to you.