Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dr. Daniel J. Cushing - Candidate for PAHS School Board Director

Daniel J. Cushing was born in Peoria, Illinois.

He has been a resident of Schuylkill Township since 1995 where he lives with his wife Ellen and their two children ages 10 and 13.

He has been, and continues to be, an active volunteer with local organizations, some examples of which include being a Cub Scout leader, sports coach, and serving on the Board of his Church.

He holds a B.S. in Biology, a M.S. in Zoology, and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology. Dr. Cushing conducted his post-doctoral training at the Lilly Research Laboratories. He served as an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He has also held a variety of research and development positions within the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Cushing currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President of Drug Development and Regulatory Affairs at Prism Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Dr. Cushing has outlined:

1) the development and implementation of a long-range financial plan,

2) reestablishing the credibility of the Board with the citizens,

3) improving academic achievement goals and performance as the top priorities facing the District.

Dr. Cushing will bring an open mind, critical thinking, and sound judgment to the PASD Board of School Directors and will be guided by the principles of transparency, truth, responsibility, and integrity


Anonymous said...

How about views on the library situation?

Anonymous said...

In May, all the candidates publicly stated their opposition to the library expansion except for Josh Gould.

A Phoenixville Taxpayer said...

For School Board Candidates -

1. Your opinion on the taking of the Meadowbrook Golf Course for additional school property?

2. Your opinion on the saving of the old Schuylkill School?

Karen said...

Received via email from Dan Cushing.

Hi Karen,

With regard to the district potentially purchasing the golf course property, it would be fine provided that the price is fair market value and the current owners want to sell it. It would also be important to understand the perspective of the homeowners of property adjacent to the golf course. With regard to the Schuylkiill school building, there have been several ideas presented to the township but nothing seems to be moving forward. It would be nice to use that building for something positive but the longer that it sits unused the more difficult it will be to develop. It is in very poor condition so a decision on its disposition is required soon.

Thank you.