Thursday, October 29, 2009

H1N1 swine flu vaccine

Just as with other areas in the country, many Phoenixville area residents are searching for the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

Unless your healthcare provider already has an allotment, patience is required.

The following informative article explains the reason for the delay in the delivery of the vaccine.

Here is a compilation of important information for Chester and Montgomery County residents.

A message from Dalton G. Paxman, Acting Regional Director, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Philadelphia:

The 2009 H1N1 flu is a real concern.

First, it spreads easily. Almost all of the flu we're seeing this year is H1N1. According to the federal government's Web site,, there's more flu now than at the height of the season in previous years.

Second, it's hitting young people. Already, 81 children and teenagers have died. If you're 52 or older and healthy, you may have some immunity to this particular strain. But if you are under 25, or are pregnant, have heart disease, asthma, or some other underlying condition, you're at risk of complications.

Third, the H1N1 vaccine is made the same way the seasonal flu shot is made. Flu vaccines are safe. They work. And they are the best way to prevent the flu.

See the links below for flu shots and flu updates for your county.

Chester County

Update (October 28, 2009): The Chester County Health Department is once again taking appointments for seasonal flu shots. Please call 610-344-6252.

Montgomery County

Update (October 26, 2009): The Montgomery County Health Department has scheduled two walk-in H1N1 flu clinics for pregnant women and 5-to 9-year-olds who are Montgomery County residents on October 29 and October 30. In addition, seasonal flu clinics scheduled for October have been postponed but clinics scheduled for November will proceed as planned.

Visit the Montgomery County Health Department page for more information.,A,3,Q,67285.asp

Additional Locations

For list of drug stores, grocery stores, and department stores providing flu shots for $30 near you, visit Maxim Health System's Flu Clinic Locator.

Veterans, please see the following information about vaccinations from the Philadelphia VA.


Ed Jones said...

If you didn't get your annual flu shot by now - lot's of luck.

My wife's been trying for two weeks to find a place to get one. None of her Dr.'s offices has the vacine and they don't expect to get any more.

None of the drug stores/super markets/etc in the area have any and they also don't expect to get any.

Just hope you don't get the flu!

Anonymous said...

I just called the number for the Chester County Health Dept. and was told that the seasonal flu shots will not be available until next Thursday, November 5th.

Karen said...

Anonymous 12:36 p.m., did they mention where the vaccine is to be distributed?

Anonymous said...

I heard the bird flu is also expected to hit hard again this year.