Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jennifer L. Killeen - Phoenixville Tax Collector

Dear Phoenixville Voters:

I have had the honor of serving as your borough real estate tax collector for the past twelve years. I am hoping to serve you for another four years and respectfully request your vote on November 3rd. While Pennsylvania law only requires a candidate for tax collector be a resident of the taxing authority and eighteen years old, I believe more qualifications are needed. Currently, in Phoenixville, the tax collector is responsible for collecting approximately $2 million. It is critical to the operation of the borough that this is handled efficiently and accurately. I have lived in Phoenixville for twenty years, eighteen of which I have worked as a professional bookkeeper. I take pride in turning over perfectly balanced books.

I also believe it is the tax collector’s job to provide excellent customer service. Therefore, I keep an office in borough hall and maintain regular weekly hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Many tax collectors prefer to collect taxes from their homes but I believe that is inconvenient for most taxpayers. Additionally, I provide “house calls” for those who cannot get to borough hall but would like to pay their taxes in person. I have visited many taxpayers in their homes and have enjoyed the visits and the ability to serve.

My husband, Bill, and my two sons, William and Torin, and I love our lives here in Phoenixville. We all appreciate the support you have shown me, as your tax collector, over the past twelve years. I, again, respectfully ask for your vote. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at the tax office at 610-935-8852 or at my home at 610-983-9872.


Jennifer L. Killeen


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in knowing if as the Tax Collector, does she see people having a more difficult time paying taxes and if so what sector? What provisions are made to assist these people from losing their homes?? How does the process work in Phoenixville??

Jennifer L. Killeen said...

Excellent question. In fact, I have noticed that we are ahead of last year in people paying during the current tax year. Most people pay their taxes 1/12th at a time to their mortgage companies and those same companies forward payments. It is tougher for those who don't have that "built in" savings plan. At the end of any given tax year, the law requires that I turn the unpaid taxes over to Chester County Tax Claim Bureau. They send more notices and work with people to get the delinquent taxes paid. I believe you have approximately 2 years to get any given year's taxes cleared up.

Anonymous said...


Could you explain what the "mil" system is and how an 18% tax increase impacts residents?

Jennifer L. Killeen said...

When Borough Council approves a tax rate, it is in mils, or $1 tax per $1,000 of assessment. So, currently, if your house is assessed at $100,000 your tax bill is $401 because our mil rate is 4.01 this year. I am unclear as to what you want to know about an 18% increase in taxes. You and I both know that wages are not going up 18% so such an increase would be a heavy burden for all taxpayers. The tax collector, however, has no impact on the amount of the tax bills. We must use the assessed value of property as decided by Chester County Assessment Office and we must use the mil rate as determined by Borough Council when they pass the annual budget. Thanks for taking the time to ask the questions.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for being unclear.

I'd like to know how much the 18% tax increase contemplated by Borough Council will equate to for the average homeowner in Phoenixville. If my home is worth 150,000 how much will my tax burden increase with an 18% tax increase? I assume its translated into mils first?

I understand that the tax collector does not set the rate but you seemed a good person to ask. :)

Thank you for taking time to respond.

Jennifer L. Killeen said...

If a home has a $150,000 assessment, the face amount of the borough tax bill in 2009 was $601.50 (at 4.01 mils). If Borough Council raises taxes 18%, the new mil rate would be approximately 4.73. On a 150,000 assessment, the face amount of the new bill would be about $709.50, or a little more than a $100 annual increase. Thanks for the follow-up question.

Anonymous said...

No doubt after candidate forum that Jennifer Killeen is candidate for the job again.