Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kevin Pattinson - Write-in candidate for Phoenixville School Board

To the Phoenixville Area School District voters:

I have been a Phoenixville Resident 10 years.

I have two children in the district schools.

I have a B.A. in English from Saint Joseph’s University.

I have a Master's degree in Education Temple University.

I have been an English teacher for 12 years at Interboro School District.

I believe that a board member should do 3 things:

1. Set Policy

2. Look at the budget

3. Hire quality administrators to run the schools.

If a school board adheres to those principles then the other things will take care of themselves.

With quality administrators comes quality education. Making sensible fiscal decisions allows for the district to move forward and provides for sound educational expenditures.

Keep in mind it is the board that sets the policy and only the board.

One should listen and review all options before voting on any measure that will impact the future of the school district.

Finally, school board members should be respectful of residents and their opinions, after all school board officials are elected officials and serve the public.

Issues that affect the residents of Phoenixville School District should be made transparent.

No school board member should put themselves or their agenda above the betterment of the students of Phoenixville School District.

I believe that I can help Phoenixville schools move away from the derision of the last fourteen months.

Please consider a write-in vote for me, Kevin Pattinson.

Thank you!


A Phoenixville Taxpayer said...

For School Board Candidates -

1. Your opinion on the taking of the Meadowbrook Golf Course for additional school property?

2. Your opinion on the saving of the old Schuylkill School?


I do not believe it is the place of the board to take land. Both parties involved shoould come to a mutual agreement that benefits both parties. As for the old Schuylkill School, it should be razed. It has no purpose.

Anonymous said...

Kevin. While there are a bunch of historical/hysterical folks who want to keep that building, you're right that it should go away.

The problem is the school district owns it, but Schuylkill township won't give permission for a demo permit.

So there it sits. And sits. What can we do?

Anonymous said...

Why not use the Schuylkill School as a library branch? For the 6.5 million (and counting)that an expansion across Second Avenue will cost, they could do mold remediation and restoration of an historic building, which already has space for parking. Carnevale already has experience with that type of renovation, so he could remain the architect. All the problems of expanding into the street would disappear, and an historic building would be saved. Win-win...

Anonymous said...

Vote Barbara Cohen out of office.


Ye, there is a dilemma. The board must convince the townshipthat it is in the best interest of the school district to raze the building. The longer it sits the more delapidated it becomes. The township is in the wrong on this one. It is an intriging idea to convert the building, however it will still cost the district money that it really does not have, now that there will be a new middle school and a future E. Pikeland school. I honestly feel the best outcome is simply raze the building.

Anonymous said...

Babs loves that old, moldy sandstone building.