Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!

Please don't forget to check your children's candy before allowing them to eat it, and have a safe, happy, trick or treat night!

The open thread is your opportunity to sound off on your issues, post your thoughts, or have a rant.

It's also the weekend before Tuesday's November 03, 2009 elections.

In addition to posts on various topics, I invite each of the candidates to take their final and best shot to garner votes.

Monday, I'll give voice to my thoughts and observations.

What's on your mind?

Please remember, play nice!


Anonymous said...

Anybody voting for the school board candidates this Tuesday?

Looking for information about them on PhantomTV or meeting them @ the Home and School Meetings?

You won't find anything about them. PASD Superintendant Barbara Burke Stevenson has denied all attempts to get the school board candidates in front of the public.

Our present school board has bought polluted land for a school and wanted to build a library in the middle of the street and now Babs doesn't want anyone to meet the incoming candidates????

Very strange. Heil Barbara!

Anonymous said...

I saw write-in candidate school board candidate Kevin Pattinson is at the Phoenixville Post Office today. Wonder if Babs knows he's there???

Anonymous said...

OJR has forums to meet their school board candidates and we don't???

Anonymous said...

In pasd's defense, hasn't one of the candidates been mouthing off at their school board meetings that the school board is a bunch of racists, nepotists who flaunt the sunshine laws?

But I'd still like to meet them personally. Are there any forums that aren't sponsored by the school? I remember they met at Molly MacGuires during the primary.

Anonymous said...

We have not heard from three people of interest to me as a concerned voter.
The first would be Josh Gould who supported the library expansion project southward into the Reeves Park town square and whose name occurs in the tax reports under "other compensation" from the library. Now what could that be?
The second would be the Democratic candidate for the east ward - a person who seems nice enough but who has not made her positions public on anything. Is she another Carlos or Carlotta? This is a crucial decision as the Republican has stated he is in support of continuing to pay for the borough to carry the burden of trash collection -including actually paying for new trucks this time, increased insurance costs for all departments of the borough due to 2 accidents in less than 5 years, and subsidizing borough employees fueling their vehicles with $4.00 plus gas when the street prices has been a little over $2.00, not to mention health insurance and pension plans for felons.
The third person is of course Henry Wagner, who said that upon hearing Barry Cassidy's published remembrances of paying prostitutes to grant favors to his friends and acquaintances by supplying the ladies with the cocaine in his possession on many occasions, attributed this behavior to youthful indiscretion (a man in his thirties). Henry is the only one up for election with the dubious honor of voting for close to $1 million dollars for the alleged (by his own writing) dispenser of an illegal substance in an illegal context -apparently to gain favors and work some political angle. Just what we need as proud residents of Phoenixville. We do like them blue light posts, though.

Dave Gautreau, East Ward Borough Council Candidate said...

Well folks, this is it. Election is here, this is your chance to make a difference. If you notice Karen has put the famous "VOTE" button on the thread, that four letter word means you have ownership in making that difference. I may or may not be your candidate, but I can tell you that you will have a councilman with no hidden agenda, just a guy who wants to do his part to work hard and help the residents of our great town. I will always work for you. In this election eve I would also like to wish my opponent well. Thanks to all of you who take the time to read the blogs and respond and thank you Karen for giving us the outlet to view our opinions and concerns. Punch (not literally) "Dave Gautreau" for Borough Council Tuesday in the East Ward at the Library, High School or Methodist Church.

Erin McDevitt said...


Thanks for the well wishes. It was a pleasure meeting you at the candidates forum.

Dear Anonymous:

I have made my position public on many issues.

I am the only candidate at the Candidates Forum who suggested examining, and perhaps cutting, the contract with the CDC.

I also suggested reviewing the legal fees paid by the Borough. This looks like an area where we could make some cuts.

I did not support the library expansion plan. I was in attendance at two PC meeting about the plan and made my position public in my literature.

I am not wed to any course of action with regard to trash collection. I would examine all contracts and bids and support the course of action that results in the best service at the lowest price to the residents. The same is true of gas contracts. Basically, I would use common sense.


Erin McDevitt

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what became of Ellsworth Toohey, keeper of the One Small Voice In Phoenixville blog?