Monday, November 16, 2009

The Clinic

While our Congressmen and Senators continue to debate the future of healthcare in the United States, Dr. Lorna B. Stuart along with other area physicians and dedicated volunteers are providing free or low-cost medical care services to approximately 1000 individuals every month.

Please remember to support the Clinic by becoming a partner in this incredibly compassionate mission.

From the Clinic website:

Our Mission

The Clinic provides quality health care to the uninsured, in an atmosphere which fosters dignity and respect for our patients.

It is our privilege to do so.

Our Vision

To provide quality health care with space, staff and funding sufficient to meet the needs of the growing number of unisured in our region... until everyone has access to health care.

The Clinic was featured on NBC's Today Show recently. In case you missed it, here is the clip directly from NBC's web site:

The Clinic currently serves more than 950 patients per month. We are extremely fortunate to have over 150 volunteers who regularly provide over 16,000 hours of medical and clerical services to The Clinic each year. Support from the community is an essential part of our existence because we are NOT a government-funded organization.

Particularly in this economic climate, and given the heated debate on health care reform, The Clinic’s original mission has never been more relevant. Please join us in welcoming more into a place of healing, hope and dignity. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do in support of this mission.

The Clinic PA - 143 Church Street - Phoenixville, PA 19460 - 610-935-1134


Karen said...

In addition to financial contributions of any size, the Clinc has a wish list which appears on their website.

Please help.


The Clinic welcomes your contribution of items we use on a daily basis to fulfill our mission.

Your gift of supplies helps our dollars go farther in providing services to our patients.

Sample size toiletries for men and women (hotel soaps and lotions that we can use to make small gift bags for patients)

Gift cards for families in need for use at Acme, Giant or Redner's

Children's Band-Aids

Children's Coloring Books and Crayons

Rolls of paper towels & toilet tissue

Clorox disinfectant wipes

13-gallon white trash bags

Large, heavy-duty garbage bags

Paper cups

Avery #8160 mailing labels

Avery #8471 business cards

Unopened white and color 8 1/2 by

11" copy paper

Staples gift cards

K-Mart gift cards

Postage stamps

Home Flu Care Kits

Cough/throat drops


Chicken bouillion or chicken broth

Advil or tylenol in individual packets

Disposable thermometers

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Lotion


Please contact Debbie Shupp, Director of Development at 610-935-1134, extension 24, if you are interested in donating.

Anonymous said...

for more information, on WHY we need more Clinic's like this throughout our Country, please EDUCATE yourself, via the below articles.

BOTTOM LINE, the Status Quo of Healthcare in America is Unsustainable.

Why, is it, that the TODAY program, just did this on The Clinic, now? Why don't we have more Clinic's across America?

What is the per person cost of providing Healthcare via The Clinic vs. Blue Cross/Blue Shield, etc?

Why aren't our Elected Leaders asking these Questions?

BRAVO to The Clinic in Phoenixville!

Chris DeVol
East Vincent Township

Anonymous said...

Chris Devol. Good points. Don't know if all the insurance companies are evil just like you don't know if all the ambulance-chasing lawyers are scum. But I'd imagine the politicians are in bed with one group or the other???

Can you post the answers to your question comparing costs between bc/bs and the clinic? We'd be very interested to know.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous November 17, 2009 3:48:00 PM EST

A very quick and Crude analysis, would be 5k per person for BC/BS and for the clinic

1,000 people a week x 52 weeks a year for 52,000 visits a year / Budget of Clinic.

Chris DeVol

Lets just say $500,000/ 52,000 visits = $9.61 per visit.

My guess, is that Insurance Companies are paying alot more on a Per Visit Basis, and marking it up ADMIN, and Profit.

Any thoughts?

Sorry for the very crude analysis.

Dan Dvorak said...


Kudos to Dr. Lorna Stuart for leaving the establishment of conventional medicine to put her heart and soul into this endeavor.

I believe that the Clinic charges around $ 10 for a visit or for the less fortunate it is free.

My daughter use to see Dr. Stuart when she was a toddler until the time that she left to start The Clinic and you couldn't have found a more caring individual than she and it was a loss to us losing her as a Pediatrician.

It was Phoenixville's gain as Dr. Stuart sought a higher calling to help the less fortunate.

I urge everyone to donate something or some time to help The Clinic.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That video makes you cry. Why aren't there thousands of these types of clinics? Shouldn't everybody push their elected officials to copy & expand this model and maybe help end this healthcare mess?

Susan said...

Now there is a woman who truly deserves national recognition. How much better we would all be if there was a "Lorna Stuart" in every town.

It is THEIR privilege to treat these people? I would also say that it is OUR privilege to have her in our midst.

As a master's prepared RN, my only regret is that there are no evening hours, so that I could volunteer my time and be in the midst of this wondrous place and these blessed people - staff and patients alike.