Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Low bridge, down and out

Over the last few days I've had people comment about the closing of low bridge, Main Street Bridge, for those unfamiliar with local lingo.

I've heard, unofficially, that the

a) tracks are being removed,

b) tracks are being raised.

If anyone knows the "official" reason for the closure and when the residents can expect Main Street to be opened again, please post a response.



Anonymous said...

Karen -- the low bridge is the Main Street bridge.

The high bridge is the Gay Street Bridge.

You must be tired! :-)

Anonymous said...

They are lowering it to the level where it was prior to closing of the High bridge (10' 4"). It was originally raised to allow emergency vehicles to access the North side without driving all around the borough via townshipline road.

However, rumor is that there was a fight to keep it up to the 12' level, but it was denied by Norfolk Southern who owns the bridge.

Anonymous said...

The "low bridge" is the Main Street Bridge and there is utility work going on in the streets in that area.

Anonymous said...

Karen, I believe the Tracks were raised as part of the 18 million Dollar plus Gay Street Bridge project.

Now that the Bridge and project is completed, my guess, is they are returning the Tracks to where they were prior.

I'm sure a call to Penn Dot, would give you a definitive answer.

Chris DeVol

Weneedachange said...

I spoke to the Public Works director about this issue at a council meeting three weeks ago and he said that the CSX overpass at the low bridge is going back to the original height because CSX said so.

It would make sense to keep it where it is now but I think it would require extensive work to support it at the current height and they are not willing to spend the money since the tracks are essentially out of service at this time.

Karen said...

Thanks for all the info, readers!

Thanks, also to Anonymous 7:17 a.m. and others who corrected me.

That'll teach me to check what I write before I post, lol!

Karen said...

And, yes, Anonymous 7:17 a.m., I WAS tired!!!

Blogwalter said...

CSX (Norfolk Southern) wanted the bridge back to the original height after the Gay Street Bridge Project was completed.

Because PennDOT funded the raising and lowering of the bridge as part of the whole construction project, the lowering needed to be completed soon after the the Gay Street Bridge was completed.

If the Borough didn't allow for this to happen, the Borough would then be obligated to pay for the lowering at some point in the future.

Anonymous said...

I just hope if bridge stays that they paint it, what an eyesore!

Anonymous said...

Call Barry and ask him if he has any leftover drums of blue paint.