Monday, January 4, 2010

Phoenixville Council re-organization as expected

Voting 5 to 2, Phoenixville Borough Council's Democratic majority took the party line and returned Henry Wagner to the president's seat. Councilman Jeff Senley was absent.

I sincerely hope Wagner, who nearly lost his Council seat to Marc Reber in November's election, understands there would never have been, nor would there still be, a Phoenixville on the maps if it weren't for the people who live and pay taxes in our community.

Now that Wagner will be on Council for the next four years, perhaps his attention can be re-directed. To us and our needs.

It may have happened in the past few years, but I have not personally learned of one single attempt under Wagner's chair to charge Council or the borough administration to work proactively and effectively on examining energy and cost saving measures which would benefit all of us.

I challenge Henry to look into municipal supplied electricity to learn if such a program is feasible in Phoenixville.

Examine all borough contracts. The municipal cable television stations which are OWNED by Phoenixville Borough residents should not be the source of a $60,000 bill because we already own them, and adding insult to injury, we pay again by our school district taxes.

Cell phone towers and any other radio contract items should be reexamined with an intent of increasing our fees.

All borough owned buildings should placed on a eco-friendly program of rehab.

Paint all the roofs white.

Change all the street lights and light bulbs in every municipal building to energy efficient bulbs.

If the piggy-backs with the state aren't bringing in enough savings, examine the possiblity of piggy-backing with other municipalities.

Look into the possibility of regional police departments.

Take the police off the downtown beat and require the downtown district to hire their own security.

Are police cars still left to idle for long periods of time? If so, can they be turned off to conserve fuel?

Are we paying the least amount possible for fuel?

Gradually replace vehicles with energy efficient cars and trucks.

Examine, closely, all the borough's insurance policies and shop them.

Examine the possiblity of purchasing a dryer for the sludge from the sewer department, comply with governing directives, and sell the refuse for land application or at least reduce the amount of refuse.

Work with work release programs for seasonal help.

Stop the addition of the chemical fluoride in our water. It isn't needed anymore.

Personally take a look at the books. Where is the greatest expense? Where might there be waste?

Use incentives or a bonus for those employees who can either identify waste or suggest cost-saving measurements which are implemented.

Consult with other municipalities on shared heavy equipment.

Come up with your own ideas or search online on the success of other municipalities for ways to reduce the tax burden on the residents of Phoenixville.

To the new Council members.

Poke around.

Ask questions.

Know that you are all equal on Council, you should all receive the same information, do your own homework, come to your own decisions, and please remember, maintain your individuality as a public servant. You ran for the seat, you won it, and now do the very best of your ability for the people who elected you!

Good luck everyone! You, too, Henry.


Anonymous said...

why do you separate your version of phoenixville from the downtown? phoenixville INCLUDES the downtown just as it includes your street.

Anonymous said...


Keep on Challenging YOUR Elected Leaders Karen!!

One Person truly can make a difference, and you more than anyone I know, have made a positive,proactive difference in the Phoenixville Region.

Democracy is a Full Participatory Sport, that only works when good People like Karen Johns and Henry Wagner are involved.

Keep making a difference you two!!

Yours in the Successful Revitalization, Rejuventation, and ReInvention of Phoenixville,

Chris DeVol
East Vincent Township

Karen said...

Your question begs a question.

Given a rather large number of potential questions or comments you could have asked on the points made in this thread, why did you ask me a question such as the one you did?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you won't ever represent Phoenixville again.

Karen said...

Why, Anonymous 10:12 p.m., does exercising my right to freedom of speech move you intentionally post a provocative statement?

To attempt to denigrate me?

Do my words and ideas threaten you that much?

I've published your comment.

I'd be interested in your answers to my questions.

Ed Naratil said...

Anon 1.5.09 10:12PM -

Just trying to stir the pot, eh? Come out of you anon shell and let us know what your complaints are about Karen.

I've know Karen for many years and, although we have not always seen eye to eye on everything, I find that she has always had the betterment of the community in mind regardless of the political party.

Karen, when on council and even now, has been known to spend many hours on researching whatever was in the mainstream. She garnered opinions from many and looked at all options - pro and con - and then, and only then, made her decisions.

So, hide behind your anonymous posting. Be glad Karen gave you an opportunity to make your feelings known. Most other blog-masters would have not posted you remarks. If I were you, I'd call Karen and thank her for running this blog and posting your derogatory comment.

Hair Riot said...

Although I don't always agree with everything posted on this blog, I LOVE your continued involvement with our community! Thanks for all the info you share with us!

Karen said...

Thank you for the support, Ed and Hair Riot.

Few people realize the amount of dedication and time it requires to maintain a blog, but I do the work out of a true desire to mainstream the items I either learn about or find interesting myself in hopes others will, too.

Thanks, again.

You're the reason I do this.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Coppege was appointed Chair of the Vacancy Committee. Is he the only one on it? Would he be involved if Mr. Senley had to resign or was forced to resign because of non-attendance - due to illness? I have great concern about this, since I think there is a plan already in the works!!

Wouldn't someone be appointed with Mr. Coppege's recommendation and then a special election with hopes that the Democrat who was appointed be reelected?

Actually this appointment is a very powerful appointment!

Ed Jones said...

Karen - Remember an old Latin saying:

"Illegitimi non carborundum"

Karen said...

LOLOL, Ed Jones!

Mock Latin for "Don't let the bastards grind you down".

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You dodged my question by asking another question.
For what it is worth, I only posted once.

Now- I'll ask again, in a different way:
Why would you suggest a specific area of our borough hire an independent security agency rather than rely on the same police force afforded the rest of the borough?

Question 2:
"paint" all of the roofs white?

Question 3:
Does everyone who chooses to
challenge your posts get the title 'bastard'?

Question 4:
Is the comment section only available for compliments and kudos to the blogmaster? If so, the only freedom of speech allowed is yours?

Anonymous said...

To: January 6, 2010 3:52:00 PM EST

Actually the appointment of Mr. Coppege to chair the Vacancy Committee is anything but a powerful position. He would only be required to function in that role in the event of an elected position vacancy due to death, resignation, etc IF the Council did not name a replacement within x number of days (not sure of the number). I don't rcall it ever happening because Council and both the Democratic and Republican Committees will present likely replacement candidates for any vacancy and Council would then appoint someone to complete the vacant term. Counci would all but have to stop functioning for Mr. Coppege to name a replacement to a vacancy and that is very highly unlikely.

Karen said...

I didn't dodge your question, Anonymous 7:01 p.m., I was waiting for your response.

I found it very curious, given the normal discussion on boards such as this one, that you would attempt to completely ignore the thread content and ask the question you did. Hence, my question to you. Which, by-the-way, you have neglected to answer.

In the meantime, let's answer yours.

1) Many of the downtown problems and situations are created by patrons who frequent the numerous bars who choose to draw the attention of our police department.

More than once, many of our police officers were required to vacate their positions in the various zones throughout Phoenixville to assist in the downtown district.

Given the fact that police protection is designed coverage for the entire borough, when the resources of the department are concentrated and contained in one area, the rest is lacking.

Following me?

If the downtown district hires it's own security agency, calling in the police to a situation only when an arrest is needed, the rest of the borough is not depleted of police resources.

2) Painting roofs of borough owned buildings white is an eco-friendly method of reflecting the sun's rays and reducing the heat inside a building during the hot summer months thereby requiring less energy usage.

3) Your post didn't challenge me. It was a rather odd curiosity. However, posters who aggravate other readers may apparently earn a title. This was a first.

4) I have no control over other poster's comments. Just as I had none over your comment.

Now, your response to my questions?

Anonymous said...

Anon: January 4, 2010 11:46:00 PM EST

I would guess Karen feels that way because her domicile is not part of the DCOMM and not run as a for-profit. The DBD should fund a dedicated officer position like the local townships are requiring as part of passing shopping center zoning requests.

Anon: January 5, 2010 10:12:00 PM EST

You should be so lucky to have her represent you compared to what the East Ward has seated in the prior four years.