Monday, November 8, 2010

Groups battle for St. Nicholas Brotherhood name

A decision on the Holy Ghost Church/St. Nicholas Brotherhood litigation is expected shortly.



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WEST CHESTER — Two opposing factions in a decades-old Orthodox Christian church in Phoenixville have given Common Pleas Court Judge Edward Griffith a task not unlike that of the old television game show “To Tell the Truth.”

That is, to answer the question: “Will the real members of the St. Nicholas Brotherhood please stand up?”

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Anonymous said...

Well the property has a lot more on it then a church, play fields as it hosts a lovely outdoor shrine, underground railroads and historical cottage.

The immigrants of the founding fathers PAID FOR this land. What horrible reporting.

The Saint Nicholas Brotherhood did not file a lawsuit against the church. If you check records, the suit was filed against the individuals who ignored the inital rulings as they broke the law.

Sadly no one wins as the officers of the church, testified to spending all church funds for their own legal fees. They twisted their errors into a legal mess.

God be with them all as the Saints will not look kindly on the threats, letters of excommunication or returning dues and vigil envelopes to Senior Citizens. No wonder no one has spoken out at the meetings without a quorum opposing thier tactics!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me in all of this that no one in the brotherhood said anything when that shrine was built, on what was the former reeves mansion. It honestly puzzles me that the brotherhood was nowhere to be found and file protest when the Reeve's Mansion was to be torn down (even though they will claim that was a secret thing too). I don't recall the brotherhood authorizing the building of a rectory.

This is the problem when people forget that the Church is God's not theirs. I think if some of the members of the brotherhood (really it's a sisterhood b/c it's a few disgruntled women who are doing this) recall the words of the liturgy (Mass for all you Catholics) "We offer unto you, yours of your own..."

Rather than look to the interests of the church as a whole, they'd rather grind an axe with the priest. It's sad, really. They've placed their faith in princes and sons of men. THAT is what God and the Saints will not look kindly upon.

And now we're bringing up envelopes? Are you kidding me - TKO isn't even a member (and has not been for some time) and we're gonna dig up that ghost. I know there are some others on the fringe, but eh, what's the big deal. Play the emotional card some more.

Anonymous said...

13:00 .. FOR CHURCH USE ... that is why brotherhood most likely didn't get involved as none of the plans in place, to sell, were for church use mission work.

You do not seem to have facts as those you say have not paid dues or are not members have and are... the priest may return envelopes but is does not stop the bank from deposting checks or heirarchy from stamping off on the internal discrimination to push an agenda.

Gopd bless you 13:00 as you are so misguided.

Anonymous said...

Unless the author of 13:00 is the treauser who has sat in this seat for 10 years... how would anypone know but the member who pays dues as surely the priests can't and don't and no one else should be privy to the gifts we give?

Unless you do not follow the rules.

Many have had envleopes returned, men and women, who all are trying to save this land. It is not just a few upset women, over 175 signers including those who sat with the officers in court.

Intimindation may work to keep them silent but they do support saving the land with funds and signing to hire the attorney so you can write what you want but the judge will rule. Land will remian intact or be gone forever.

God help your amazingly scewed view of the people on this sad situation.