Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Library begins working on 2012 strategic plan, seeks community input

In 2011 the Phoenixville Public Library, a member of the Chester County Library System, will be embarking on their new, five-year Strategic Plan for 2012 FY through 2016 FY and is looking for community input. The Plan process will develop a shared understanding of the library's current state, build consensus for a strategic direction for the library and strengthen relationships among the library's stakeholders throughout the community according to Executive Director John Kelley. The Strategic Planning Committee composed of Library Board and staff has developed ten questions to engage the community in conversation about this initiative said Kelley:

1] In one word or phrase, describe Phoenixville Public Library in 2011 and the Library in 2015.

2] What services would you like Phoenixville Public Library to provide?

3] How would you like Phoenixville Public Library to support personal learning/recreation?

4] How would you like Phoenixville Public Library to support school readiness for young children and their families? How would you like the Library to help students succeed?

5] How would you like Phoenixville Public Library to work with schools to support education?

6] How would you like Phoenixville Public Library to support job seekers?

7] How can Phoenixville Public Library best strengthen the community?

8] What store, restaurant, or organization provides the best customer service and what is it you find most valuable about their customer service?

9] What do you look for from Phoenixville Public Library that you can't get anywhere else?

10] What would motivate you to use the Library more?

These questions will be available for your review and comment at the Phoenixville Public Library and on the Library's Facebook page for two weeks beginning Tuesday, January 18th. The Phoenixville YMCA, on Pothouse Road, will also have them posted in their lobby the evening of Tuesday, January 18th from 6PM through 9PM. In addition, if you would like to respond to the questions from home you can e-mail your comments to pplstrategicplan@ccls.org. You will also be able to access these questions on our Website at www.phoenixvillelibrary.org. All you need do is reference the questions you are commenting on.

There will also be a community based two day Search Conference in April which will include a six step process where we will look at the past, the present, trends, envision the future, establish common ground and develop action plans for the library moving forward, said Kelley. If you would like to attend this conference
you can contact the library for more information, using this e-mail pplstrategicplan@ccls.org.

This effort to engage the community in the planning process is critical to the success of the Library's Strategic Plan. Our goal is to arrive at a Plan that identifies the changing needs in our community so that appropriate educational programs and cultural activities can be established and adequate resources can be made available through the Library to address those needs, said Kelley. Strategic Plan updates will be available on the Library's Website at www.phoenixvillelibrary.org


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