Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chester County Launches Dental Discount Card Program for County Residents

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Chester County Launches Dental Discount Card Program for County Residents

Program will help the uninsured and underinsured

WEST CHESTER - A new dental discount card program for Chester County residents was presented today at the Chester County Commissioners’ meeting.

Margaret Rivello, Director of the Chester County Health Department, provided the Commissioners with details of the program that allows citizens to save money on dental costs.

“This program helps county residents in need of dental services who may not be insured or who may not have adequate insurance,” said Commissioners’ Chair Terence Farrell. “Hundreds of dentists in Chester County participate in this program.”

The program is provided by the National Association of Counties (NACo) in partnership with Careington International Corporation.

Commissioner Farrell noted the Prescription Drug Discount Program, also administered through NACo, has been very popular and is still available to county residents. Since the launch of the prescription drug discount program two years ago, county residents have saved more than $200,000 on prescription costs.

Commissioner Kathi Cozzone said, “This is a wonderful program that can help many of our citizens with a range of dental needs – from regular check ups to more serious dental procedures. Poor dental health can result in more serious illness and many people are out of work, or simply cannot afford dental insurance. We are pleased that, through our association with NACo, we can offer this program at no cost to taxpayers.

The NACo Dental Discount Card program is designed to help uninsured and underinsured county residents save money on their dental service expenses. The discount card will help to achieve savings of 20 to 50 percent on average for dental care services, and 20 percent on orthodontic services. The plan starts at $6.95 per month or $59 per year for individuals.

“The card is very easy to use,” said Commissioner Ryan Costello. “Cardholders schedule an appointment with a participating dentist or specialist and present their card to receive a discount at the time of service.”

Information on the Chester County Dental Discount program, including details of cost, average savings and participating dentists, is available from the Chester County Health Department by calling 610-344-6225 or on the County Health Department’s website.

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