Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NRC to host meeting on Limerick Nuclear Power Plant - Wednesday 18, 2011

My apologies for the late posting as the Ace Report show was televised earlier this evening.


From Donna Cuthbert

This Information Can Help You Protect The Future Health, Safety, and Financial Interests of You and Your Family.

Limerick Nuclear Plant could turn us into nuclear refugees, just like those in Japan. Don't believe for one minute it can't happen here.

A radioactive disaster at Limerick Nucleat Plant could happen for many reasons.

While Limerick is 3rd on the Earthquake Risk list, that is just one thing that could trigger disaster.

Many of you received a letter from Exelon recently illogically suggesting there is no cause for concern because Limerick has "redundant safety systems" and can withstand a severe earthquake or other natural disaster.

Japan's "redundant safety systems" FAILED. Japan's nuclear disaster was due to loss of power, then a loss of cooling water.

Extended loss of power then loss of cooling water could happen at Limerick Nuclear Plant due to a fire, mechanical failure, a terrorist attack, or human error, in addition to a severe tornado or earthquake.

ACE investigations found NRC protects Exelon's profits over your safety.

You can't rely on NRC for prevention of a nuclear disaster at Limerick.

ACE shows why in our current TV show. "The ACE Report", Channel 28, will run each Tuesday, 7:00 to 8:00 P.M., for the next five weeks.

NRC is hosting a meeting tomorrow night at the Limerick Township Building on old Route 422, from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M.

Don't be fooled. NRC and Exelon are focused only on an earthquake. They claim all is safe at Limerick. ACE's 10-year investigation suggests otherwise.

If you plan to attend NRC'S 5-18-11 meeting tomorrow night, we encourage you to watch:

"The ACE Report" TV Show TONIGHT!

"Lessons From the Japan Nuclear Disaster - Why It Can Happen At Limerick Nuclear Plant".

Prevention is Imperative, given the consequences. Ask NRC to:

1. Extend Back-Up Power To Last For Days, Not Just Hours AND Require SAFEST Fire Safety Procedures

2. Guard Limerick against A 9/11 Type Terrorist Attack With A Plane or Missile

Terrorists say nuclear plants are a target. Limerick could be a prime target, with almost 8 million people within 50 miles.

Fuel from a targeted small plane crash could lead to fire and meltdown. Missiles can penetrate nuclear fuel, releasing deadly radiation.

May 3, 2011 - 5 were arrested under terror law near a British nuclear plant.

Insider Threat Even In Questions - An Al-Quaida suspect worked at Limerick during refueling each year from 2002 and 2007.

3. Extend Limerick's Evacuation Zone To 50 Miles, Not Just 10

4. CLOSE Limerick - Not Relicense Until 2049.

For more information on major issues of concern, see attachments.

NRC has the oversight authority over Limerick Nuclear Plant and is almost sure to approve Exelon's dangerous requests to operate Limerick harder and longer, unless there is a groundswell of public opposition.


We urge you to tell NRC to:

Say NO to Limerick "Uprates" - to operate Limerick harder - This is no benefit to you, only increased risk of disaster. Uprates also mean increased Schuylkill River water use and radioactive contamination, more radioactive and other hazardous air emissions, more radiation into the soil, vegetation, milk, food, fish, and you.

And more deadly radioactive wastes to store in our back yard or to dangerously transport through our communities.

Say NO to OPPOSE Limerick "Relicensing" - to operate Limerick longer - Limerick was licensed for 40 years (until 2029) because that was the life exepctency of the massive complicated system that operates Limerick. It is too dangerous to operate Limerick longer. Too much can go terribly wrong.

Can't attend the meeing tomorrow to ask NRC in person?

e-mail paul.krohn@nrc.gov or Send a Letter to:

Paul Krohn, NRC Branch Chief
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region 1
475 Allendale Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406-1415


We can and must begin to transition to far safer, cleaner, cheaper, and more dependable energies NOW. After Fukushima, everyone should see the need. Don't believe nuclear industry spin. Nuclear power is far too dangerous, pollutin, and expensive to taxpayers and ratepayers. There are many reasons nuclear power will become less and less reliable in the future.

Nuclear power can be replaced NOW with solar, wind, and geothermal. Battery-back-up systems available now turn these energies into dependable base load power. All it takes is your voice to create the political will for a safer energy future. FACT: DOE's 2006 report shows the entire nation could have 55 times our nation's electric needs just from solar power alone. Elected officials must stop caving into nuclear industry lobbyists continuing to give the nuclear industry the lion's share of our taxdollars. Speak up now to stop astronomical taxpayer subsidies and giveaways, and risky loans provided to dangerous and costly nuclear power.

If we subsidize anything it should be to individual residents and small businesses to help purchase their own solar, wind, geothermal, battery back-up systems, and cost saving energy efficiency measures.


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