Friday, August 3, 2012

Own a boat, have some free time, want to help with the Schuylkill River?

I have been asked to post a request for a volunteer to collect water samples from the Schuylkill River. If you own a boat and have some free time, please consider volunteering for this very important project! Thank you! **** Karen: I was wondering if you might know of someone who could help with some bacteria monitoring the Delaware Riverkeeper Network needs to do for a bacteria prediction model feasibility study. We need someone who could commit to following sampling protocols to collect about 12 Schuylkill River water samples in August and September on the Black Rock pool. Ideally the samples would be taken mid-channel, so we are hoping to find a local boater willing to help out. Samples then have to be delivered to a Spring City lab in roughly 6 hours. DRN Monitoring Director Faith Zerbe would meet with volunteers for training or do over the phone if necessary. Also, we will be following DEP protocols so the data can be used for the purposes of water quality standards as well. Any chance that you know someone who might be willing to collect samples? Also please feel free to share the link to the survey we are running for user of the middle Schuylkill (see below). Thanks. Chari Towne Users of the Middle Schuylkill River – Your input needed Do you use the middle Schuylkill River for recreation? If so, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network needs your help. We are preparing a feasibility study for a forecasting system for river pathogens (disease causing viruses or bacteria). The proposed forecasting system would predict potential levels of pathogens in the reach of the Schuylkill River from Pottstown to Phoenixville. Your answers to this survey will provide insight into the questions river users have about the health of the river and help the Delaware Riverkeeper Network to prepare recommendations for a viable Pottstown to Phoenixville river pathogen forecasting system. This survey will be open through August 15th. Take the Survey here: Thank you for taking part in this survey. Your feedback is important to us. Please feel free to share this survey with your friends who use the Schuylkill River in the Pottstown to Phoenixville area. Schuylkill Programs Delaware Riverkeeper Network 925 Canal Street, Suite 3701 Bristol, PA 19007 Phone: 215-369-1188, ext. 109 Cell: 610-469-6005 Fax: 215-369-1181 The Delaware Riverkeeper Network: Because a River can’t defend itself.

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