Saturday, April 28, 2007

MORE of Phoenixville's Issues - Your questions and my responses

My wonderful and very active volunteers are busy delivering the message of my candidacy around the East Ward, and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has stepped forward to help make my campaign a success!


Perhaps the following was posted due to their efforts, and it was sent to the original Phoenixville Issues thread. I've decided to keep this web site fresh by adding a new thread for questions.

My responses will follow each additional new question.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Phoenixville's Issues - Your questions, my responses...":

As a life long resident of 48 years.I know thw olders players in this game.I have yet to decide who ill be voting for this year. I like to ask you some questions about the grant that was for Revsse Park.Was it right to use it for Thorton park,after it was granted for Revsse park.How can someone wave a magic wand for this to happen.And would you allow it to happen?

Posted by Anonymous to Karen Johns for Phoenixville Borough Council at April 28, 2007 2:53:00 PM EDT


Karen said...

I hope my website and comments, Anonymous 2:53 p.m., will help you in your decision!

Seems you aren't the only person questioning what happened to the grant for Reeves Park.

As a former member of the committee which worked on the draft for improvements for the parks in our community, I'm looking for the answer, also.

Almost a month ago, I telephoned my Council member, Carlos Ciruelos, and during our conversation I asked him basically the same question. I then asked him if he could research the situation and get back to me.

To date, I have not received the requested information.

The information I currently have can only be considered heresay, and rather than propagate unfounded information, or misinformation, I will once again call Carlos and request a response.

Just as soon as I have an answer, Anonymous, I will post it to this thread.

Thank you for your questions.

Anonymous said...

One of the questions you can answer .Would you have let this to happen if you were on concil now.I know you could not have stop it yourself , but would you have try to?Please , yes or no.I am tring to form an opinion on who ill be voting for. Thank you

Karen said...

Anonymous 3:59 p.m., under the original Phoenixville's Issues thread, I stated the following:

"My very first goal (as a new Council Member) will be to become as aware and fluent as possible on the issues before Council convenes in January, 2008."

That being said, I cannot respond to your question because I am not privy to the information Borough Council (assuming Council is the body which approved the shift of the Reeves Park grant to Andre Thornton Park) used to flip the grant from it's original destination.

The very last thing we want in our representation on Council or in any level of government is uninformed decisions. Each and every decision made by all levels of government affect someone or something, and should be the result of very careful considerations.

For me to give an uninformed answer on a subject on which I have only heresay information would mean reneging on my previous statement and my own ethics.

As a voter as well as a candidate, I want the person who represents ME to rely on all the facts and have as much information as possible on an issue before casting his/her vote.

I'm certain you would, too!

As soon as I learn what transpired regarding the flipping of the Reeves Park grant I will have an opinion, and I will post it here.

Thank you for your question!

Ed Jones said...

And what about the Library? My understanding that the gift of Reeves Park to the Borough was that it would remain a park forever. And yet plans are afoot to take a corner of the park (next to your home), close off 2nd Avenue and expand the library. Just who are these people? How about aquisition of the homes to the north of the library and expansion on Main Street to the north?

But then again deed restrictions are meant to be broken. Promises are also meant to be broken.

Karen said...

Thank you, Ed Jones, for your questions and comments regarding our library.

My understanding of the ownership of Reeves Park is the same as yours. As was mentioned at the residents meeting, the Reeves family deeded the block to the borough for use as a park, in perpetuity. They did not deed it for use as a park AND a library.

I suspect, Mr. Jones, that the good people on the library board will ultimately come to the same conclusion many of the neighborhood residents realized years ago.

Almost 200,000 visitors annually is just too many.

Thanks, again, for your post!

Anonymous said...

Let me ask for your opinion on the school board decision not to deal with the cdc.I agree with them.Its seems that they are the only ones to see whats is what.They know it not right to play with the children"s future. Espeically since all the buldings that the cdc wanted to get breaks for are owned by the Bridge st. manager"s boss.I assume that he is his boss.Could you please correct me if iam right.So Karen what is your take on this suject.I would like to know since you have lived here for awhile, and you know the history of Brodge st. Thank you again

Karen said...

Anonymous, 12:00, this was one of those quick moving subjects which I never had the opportunity to learn more about before the deciding body, in this case, the school board, took their vote.

I apologize to you for not having enough information on which to give an honest opinion.

Thank you for your question.

Anonymous said...

Ok Karen, i understand why you really dont want to answer the ?s yet.One more for ya,i still up in the air who iam gonna vote with. Is this childish acts by the cdc, like quitting al the time he doesnt get his ouw way,ok to do .And while i think they shold have fire him after the first time he quit. They should do it now ,that he try that baby crap againHe they cant fire , than get rid of him someway. What would you do if you were on council now. thank you

Anonymous said...

Karen, Phoenixville is lucky to have you. You are over qualified for a Phoenixville position. We support you and will be praying for a victory!

Michael Weinstein

Karen said...

Thank you, Anonymous 7:32 p.m., for your question.

At the risk of becoming redundant, I have to reply that even though some of us have heard bits and pieces of rumors, I, personally, have not been involved in any of these situations and have only heresay information.

I can only repeat that because I am not privy to the entire sequence of events, and accurate information, I cannot state what I would do if I were on Council presently.

I'm sorry because I know this is not the answer you are looking for.

Thank you for your interest in my opinions.

Karen said...

Thank you, Michael, for your support and kind comments!